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Jun 5 15 8:25 AM

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I'm going to start giving this period some thought; the plan is for it to start in the very late c15th CE, and run up to around 1590 to meet the Pike and Shot set that I have started to develop.  If you have any thoughts, I would be very happy to chat about it!

Best, Simon
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Jun 10 15 4:08 AM

Hi Simon, this would be a good progression for TtS! for me and I have been giving it a bit of thought. The first thing is arquebus units, in the rules I use at the mo they can be Lt Inf or standard units so that's easy, 3 shots for the first and 6 for the second. Most rules needed are covered by handguns but I think range should be 3 boxes and because of its power it should render all armour benefits null and void. This means unless its save is due to veteran status a minimum 7+ save applies. I'm not sure how realistic it would be but I'm also experimenting with a salvo rule, if not disordered or in rough going standard units can fire 2 shots but end unloaded, this needs a separate activation to remove before further firing. Also for the Spanish swapping pike and shot shouldn't be a difficult activation.

Doppelsoldner - the double pay nutters who charged in to disorder enemy pike blocks. I've been thinking of Lt Inf who hit on a 6+ vs other infantry to give them a bit more oomph.

Reiters - pistol cavalry performing the caracole firing maneuvre then charging in when enough damage has been done. Range 1 for pistols, 3 shots, standard cavalry. When activated too shoot if they hit and damage an enemy they can automatically charge after as well. If 2 units are in the box a doubly difficult activation allows the first unit to fire, swap places with the second who can then fire in turn and charge after as well. Probably more Wars of Religion and later than Italian Wars.

Just ideas, but if you ever want me to playtest anything just let me know I can do Italian Wars no problem.


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Jun 10 15 6:42 AM

Hi Mark,

Interestign suggestions!  In the first instance Renaissance might just be a matter of a sheet of amendments to TtS!

I'll drop you a line via email!

Best, Simon

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Jun 15 15 9:32 AM

Looking forward to this supplemental material. I would be very careful with the power of pistol armed cavalry. In many ways it was a failed experiment and cannot be allowed to overwhelm opponents too often. When we gat some standard TTS games in and become more familiar with the system I will be eager to see its development into this period.

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Jun 15 15 11:27 AM

Off the top of my head I am thinking that they will work in a similar manner to javelins but perhaps hitting on a 7.  Some cavalry will be able to use them as shock weapons (ie immediately before melee is resolved).

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Jul 25 16 10:21 AM

A quick by-the-way; I'm working on designing some troop types for the Italian Wars with Les Mansir of this parish. I'll hopefully have some useful ones in a few week's time.

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Jul 29 16 2:08 AM

We've done quite a few Italian wars games using TTS. As an aside we usually play multiplayer. When victory medals are surrendered we give them to the player who won them . So not only do you have a winning side, you can have a braggart who knows he contributed most to his sides victory. Great games. The one amendment is a suggested on the site. Arquebus. Range 3 . No overhead fire .

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Jul 29 16 4:20 AM

Hi Jim,

There will be a few other changes- cannon rather than bombards, landscknecht, swiss, arquebusiers and possibly tercios (I'm trying to work out what an ealy tercio looked like). We'll have something to look at in a week or so. Quite exciting!

Best, Simon

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Aug 10 16 5:48 AM

New to 'To the Strongest' and my majot areas of interest are the Hellenistic period and thr Great Italian Wars of the early C16th. I was pondering how I could use the rules for this period, so pleased to find this board. My immediate thoughts were about Spanish sword and buckler men and mounted arquebusiers. Will be following this board with interest.

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#13 [url]

Aug 10 16 9:59 AM

Hi Leman,

Welcome! We are still working on the sword and buckler men; I've had a couple of days away from writing due to Real Life issues, but I'll be back on it tomorrow.

Best, Simon

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Aug 24 16 2:10 AM

I would also like to register my interest. I have a lot of very early C16th stuff I would like to get on the table. May well start with 10mm Flooded armies and get myself a 10cm mat for the little guys.

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Oct 11 16 12:07 AM

LOL. Yesterday I found the notes I made on my holiday for the Italian Wars set- I'm struggling to find the time to type them up (due to the ECW rules), I'll tyr to get to them later this week.

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Oct 11 16 11:04 AM

No mad rush. I'm putting together a Shiloh scenario in 3mm for use at Chris Pringle's BBB Bash in February. 10mm Flodden is on the cards during the course of next year. Will most likely do it using the 10mm bases.

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Oct 24 16 7:24 AM

Many thanks for sending the current ideas for the Italian Wars. It has inspired me to get out my 28mm Papal army figures to go up against my, as yet, unfinished Milanese. Have you seen the Italian Wars stuff produced by The Assault Group? - it is superb. Currently they are working on Landsknechts of the early period, up to about 1510-15. These are quite different from the very flamboyent characters of the 1520s onwards. I would love to get hold of some of these to use as mercenaries for my various Italian states. I am most enthusiastic about the period when the more powerful Italian states and their condottieri still had some influence.

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