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Mar 19 17 7:36 AM

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The rules state that activating non-light units that are out of command counts as a difficult activation. There is no indication that being out of command affects units that want to perform a difficult or doubly difficult activation, rather than an easy one. Are those types of activation penalized in any way by being out of command?
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Mar 20 17 2:20 PM

I know it is not entirely clear as written, but we have always played it that being out of command adds one to the card you need to draw in any circumstances.


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Mar 21 17 7:09 AM

Each 'difficulty' adds one to what you need (and each 'double difficulty' adds 2)
So if you are out of command and want to charge diagonally into a swamp, that's 3 reasons, so instead of 2+ you'd activate on 5+.
or if you had already activated, you'd need 4 more than you got previously

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