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Mar 27 17 10:06 AM

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I have a suggestion regarding heroes. Right now they can only be used offensively by the active player to replay a missed to-hit card. But history is full of accounts where soldiers or warriors have done spectacular things in defense of their unit.

I suggest the option that heroes can also be used by the passive player to force his or her opponent to replay a successful to-hit card. However, a hero can never be used, whether offensively or defensively, to replay any card that had just been replayed because of another hero or heroic general.

This can help offset those occasional lucky hits, and it gives players the tactical choice of whether to use the hero offensively or defensively. Is this too gamey, or would it be a useful addition to the rules? I believe Simon is contemplating overhauling the hero system for 2.0, so that may change things.

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May 6 17 8:27 AM

I think the role of heroes is likely to be diminished in v2- I would prefer there to be fewer heroes, no more than one or two in an army, but with a more significant effect. But I don't know what, yet! This could include a defensive element...

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