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Apr 22 17 5:50 PM

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How do the rules handle troops who are armed with just short swords and target shields?  I am working on running the Battle of Dyrrachium (1071 AD) between the Normans of Robert Guiscard and the Byzantines of Alexios I Komnenos, based on the scenario proposed by Eoghan Kelly in "Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy" magazine issue 84.  I have been able to handle all of the various units on both sides except for the Byzantine 'Serbian' (Duklja) vassals armed with short swords and target shields, with no armor; training is poor and morale is average; mercenary.  There doesn't seem to be anything in the Unit Descriptions section that handles them.  My first thought was to make them raw 'warriors' saving on an 8+, but from the scenario they don't appear to have fought in a deep mass.  Nor are they a 'mob' as they have "regular" weaponry.

Is this a unit type that has been missed in the description or are these just a special, one-off unit type?

Can anyone offer a solution other than depicting them as non-deep, raw warriors?



P.S.  My game is set for this coming Saturday, April 29.
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Apr 23 17 8:39 AM

One option is to class them as regular javelinmen, raw units, but substitute a sword for the the javelin.They would not be as cost effective because they cost the same as javelinmen, and are unable to shoot, but I think that will capture what you want under the current rules.

I recall that Simon is planning to add a swordsmen troop type at some point. I can't refer you to his post because I can't get the search feature on this site to work.

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Apr 24 17 5:22 AM

I would class them as light infantry javelin, but take away their javelins and reduce their cost by, say, one point. I will need to take these into account for v2, they are an uncommon troop type but one that I should address. c. 16th Spanish sword and buckler men would be similar.

Yes there will be a swordsmen class for much the same reason.

Best, Siimon

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