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May 10 17 5:52 PM

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Has any thought been given to giving large units 3 hits instead of 2? I'm specifically thinking of the 'double' sized first cohort of the Imperial Roman legions.

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May 11 17 11:42 AM

If the cohort deployed in the same fashion, and to the same depth, as standard cohorts, I assume it would have double the frontage? If so, I think it would be better to represent it as two, 2 hit, units.


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May 12 17 7:05 AM

Hi Steve,

I think it is deep units which currently have 3 hits in the rules, at least I could not find a reference to large units. As I understand it (!) a Roman double cohort would not form any deeper than a standard one, but just occupy a longer frontage, hence my suggestion. What I have no knowledge of is whether it fought as a single unt, or as 2 separate 'battalia' to use a later term.

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May 12 17 8:01 PM

As far as I can tell it fought as a single unit and was almost invariably veteran but I think you're right, it probably fought in the same (10 deep (?)) formation as all of the other cohorts which doesn't fit particularly well if we count each unit as a cohort but in practice probably doesn't affect game play...

That said I might still be tempted to give it three hits but without the other 'deep' rules othewise it would fight split into two units which doesn't sit right with me.

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May 13 17 6:44 AM

The double Roman cohort isn't quite as proven as formerly thought- the evidence base for it has been rather weakened over the last 20 - 30 years. It rests on the layout of some legionary forts in Britain and some analysis of a Roman document that might have been misinterpreted. My first cohorts are standard sized, these days. :-) If I was running with a larger first cohort, I suppose I might make it veteran. You can also give it the legionary eagle standard in "Even Stronger".

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