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May 27 17 11:35 AM

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Hello everyone,

I am a very new TtS player, and I have done only a few games. I have been playing 3 times Pyrrhus Greeks' against Camillan Romans, and each time, I have been surprised by how easily the Romans litterally smashed both hoplites and phalangites, and from the front!

I have been through the rules to make sure I didn't miss something, is there any rules to help the phalanx versus other infantery? Because it was kind of terrible to see the phalangitai getting smashed from the front by Hastatis!

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May 27 17 1:21 PM

Whenever I get a set of results like this, I always rush back to the rules, to find out what I have forgotten! From your description it sounds like you are using the original Camillan organisation, where principes, hastati and triarii are all single hit, small units? The first thing I forgot was that when attacking pike score a hit on their opponent (it doesn't matter whether the hit is saved or not) the enemy does not get to fight back. The second thing I got wrong first time was that only one of the small units can fight in a single activation! With pike able to absorb two hits without being destroyed, and the small units being destroyed on their first hit, they should have a pretty good chance face to face. You haven't offended the card gods by any chance?

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May 27 17 1:46 PM

Well it is mentionned in the main rulebook that the opponent does not fight back only if the pikemen charged in open fields! (Pikemen page 27). It was the original Camillian, there were 2 units of single hit hastati per box, and they were able to smash the phalanx either being charged or charging. I may have offended the card god, but isn't the phalanx supposed to stand its ground against no so armored hastati?
It may have been the activation, I will take care of this next battle I play, thanks for the answer!

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May 27 17 3:25 PM

I used to play the original Polybian list (the current Camillan list is broadly similar) against pike and it was never an easy task- like Paullus I'd lose sleep. Reading your last post, I think the problem may be that you have more units facing the pike than I intended- each pike unit is intended to face one each velites, hastati, principes and half a triarii. However I think your pike unit (13 points?) is facing one or two velites and up to five other units (approx 30 points) which is not going to go well! Might that be the issue? Best, Simon

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