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Apr 14 15 1:32 AM

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Since the forum is very new I am asking all current members to feel free in promoting the forum in whatever manner they can. Post on your blogs, other forums, etc. The link to the forum is listed below. So go ahead and paste it in your links.

Thanks to everyone who has joined up so far. Hope you all enjoy this little effort to support not only the rules but the players as well.

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#4 [url]

Aug 17 15 8:30 AM

The Forum - a valuable resource

Just like to say how valuable the forum is and how friendly the members are.  The posts I've already put on had replies in a very short time and all very helpful.
Also Simon, many thanks for putting me in touch with Mark re the Wars of the Roses. A great response from him and many many helpful suggestions.  He must be getting fed up with my mails by now!!
Also a huge thank you to Mark himself for being so cooperative and giving very long, helpful replies.

This is what makes yhe hobby and a set of rules so successful.
100% marks for the Forum!!!!!!

Best Wishes   DaveL

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#6 [url]

Aug 18 15 1:14 AM

Hi Dave,

Thanks, I can never get fed up about talking about WotR so you've been warned!  I don't know how we wargamed in the past without forums to help things along - what can be better than asking the guy who wrote the rules when you have a question?  Thanks to Simon for his prompt replies!  Hopefully something can be organised in the future so as many of us as possible can meet up - perhaps somewhere like the big Derby show where there are tournaments for a whole range of rules? I've played Impetus there a few times and I'm sure there's room for a few TtS! players.


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#7 [url]

Aug 18 15 2:06 AM

I have got a very big gig coming up at Partizan- I'm allying with the WAB crowd (James Morris, Steve Jones, Scrivs and Mog) to put on an Arthurian extravaganza on 6th September.  If anyone is about for that it should be a memorable one.  I'll post more details in events, soon.

The other thing we should do is a mini tournament; there is talk of another at Benson, I'll chase them.

BEst, SImon

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#10 [url]

Aug 18 15 10:31 AM

Yes me too. I chased; they are looking at venues and dates....

I really enjoyed playing... although I struggle to keep "competitive Simon" in check! I fancy trying a mounted shooty army like Sassanids or Byzantines.

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#13 [url]

Aug 19 15 11:26 AM

I fancy Sassanids, too, but after nagging you to make the Achaemenid Persians more shooty, I feel duty bound to use these and demonstrate just how useless Darius' army really were

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#14 [url]

Aug 19 15 1:34 PM

It would be very interesting fighting them with Greeks, Barry. Very asymmetric.

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