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Aug 11 15 5:34 AM

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Hi chaps,

I have another weekend of gaming at the Wargames Holiday Centre near Basingstoke on the weekend of 6ht to 8th November.  The games I anticipate running include:
  • Thapsus - Caesar vs. Pompey and Juba in North Africa
  • Megalopolis - Antipater’s Macedonians attempt to seize a mountain pass from the Spartans; this game reduced us to tears of laughter, back in May.
  • On the road to Ravenna - Late Romans, Roman deserters, Goths and Huns battle it out in Northern Italy
  • Zela - Caesar chastens Pharnaces’ Pontics; or not, as the case may be…
  • Athens and Sparta – will Athenian numbers triumph over Spartan prowess and drill?
  • Take the High Road - the Romans intercept a raiding Pictish army
There will be as many minis of as my car will carry (and I have a very big car!  J  ).  We usually stay in the local Hilton which is very nice and surprisingly cheap.  A fine time will be had by all!

If you are interested drop me a line, or contact Mark Freeth here.

Best, Simon
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Aug 13 15 11:21 AM

Well it would be absolutely super if you could make it, Barry! I think this will be the biggest event, hopefully will be a dozen or more players and four big games running at a time.

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Aug 9 16 1:41 AM

Hi Sidley,

Yes we have an event on in September 24th/25th (often people come along on the Friday).  I know we have at least a dozen players but believe there are still 2-4 spaces.

Current planning is:_

2 very large games:

•    Gabiene/Paraitakene – on successive days on the same table we will refight the two great battles between Alexander’s secretary Eumenes and Antigonus the one-eyed.
•    Ruspina 48 BCE - Caesar's hungry recruits must fight their way through a vast host of angry Numidians*.

3 large games:

•    Battle of the Sabis 57 BCE - Whilst setting up camp, Caesar is surprised by the Nervii.
•    Second Mantinea 371 BCE - Thebes vs. Sparta- Epaminondas’ swansong.
•    Battle of the Frigidus 394 CE - When the Eastern and Western Romans clash, the only winner will be the barbarians!

This is the plan- all the above are all subject to change should inspiration strike.

If I can fit it in there will also be a brief preview of the coming English Civil War rules- possibly in the bar at the Hilton.

I'll post separately about the shows.

Best Simon

* I have been basing and re-basing Numidians all summer!

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Aug 9 16 4:52 AM

We'll run the first Successor game on the Friday and Saturday and the second on the Sunday.

The Ruspina game will run throughout the weekend. They are all metal minis; Foundry, Companion, A&A and Gripping Beast. I'll take some photos in a few day few days; all I wIll say at the moment is that there are quite a few light troops. :-)

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Dec 7 16 9:57 AM

Hi Sidley (et al) I can confirm that the WHC weekend will be on... drumroll.... weekend 31st March to 2nd February 2017!

I'll post more about it tomorrow, with some pics of the new armies that are mustering. Best, Simon

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Jan 24 17 9:40 AM

Hi all,

I thought it might be fun to post some progress pics. These are of the Numidian army (just tover half of it).


King Juba and Spanish Bodyguard


German cavalry


And below here are some of the additional cavalry I needed for Ipsus


As you can see, it is all coming on swimmingly!  

I have actually reached the point where the footprint of some of my larger armies is as great as the size of my (large) table, so I can now only game at shows or in hired spaces!

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Mar 17 17 11:40 AM

Hi Sidley, re Basingstoke- I will likely bring some chits and coins. I won't be able to bring all the cloths for example, they would fill my (full) car. However, the best bet is to pre-order things in which case I certainly can bring them- I will refund postage of course! Best, Simon

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Apr 4 17 2:08 AM

Fantastic weekend, thanks for all the work put in by Simon, Mark and Andrew for making it happen. Also kudos to Jeff and Bill, travelling from California for the event (well they were visiting London with their wives, but abandoned them to go gaming - good drills for getting their priorities right!).

I did ask some questions on the weekend but Simon was seriously overworked by all the players asking questions so I will try to repeat the ones I had, so you can have time to consider a reply without being under pressure during a game, or if they should be on the wish list for v2 of the rules.

  • Page 23 of the rules under Pikemen; mentions that only 'less deep' units don't strike back. Theoretically this means that any deep unit such as Hoplites, Mobs or Warriors could strike back. Should this read something like 'Non-pike units in clear terrain don't strike back'?
  • Elephants, should elephants have the same -1 to defence saves that 2HCW have, it seems that a big elephant foot is as hefty as a Palestinian clubman? Also gives elephants slightly more oomph.
  • The new large units of double Light Cavalry (presently only in the early medieval Andalusian and Almoravid Lists), will this be an option for all Light Cavalry or will it be a case by case on individual army lists? From a personal point of view I would like them in Hun and Seljuk lists as the swarms of horse archers deployed by these armies seem to fit the new mass Light Cavalry unit types.
  • That the new Large Light Cavalry units are not deep but take up the same space as a normal unit (as they have 2 hits) so two of these units could share a grid or be in a grid with a normal size unit. The counter argument might be that although they are not deep units the amount of space they take up because they are so spread out to circle around in  a skirmishy horde like fashion means they have the same footprint as a deep unit.
  • Also on the Large Light Cavalry units, when Veteran you said that although veteran units get an extra ammo chit as the new Light cavalry units are in effect a double unit then veteran Large Light Cavalry get two extra ammo chits, just to confirm this in the next version. Although the Veteran units here pay 2 points not 1 point to be veteran so it makes sense.

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Apr 5 17 7:52 AM

Hi Sidley,

Yes I was a tad busy! :-) Such fun....

First point- yes I'll be rewording along those lines.
Second- maybe, interesting. Will give it thought.
Third- case by case. Certainly Huns! 😊
Fourth- I am currently rewriting the light infantry and cavalry. Essentially they will count as a formed unit (so up to two such units in a box). I am also working on a rule for light infantry supporting cavalry (eg Germans, some Greeks).
Fifth- I’ll look at the wording to make it clearer. Essentially the ammo is the sum of the ammo of the single units that form the combined unit.

Hope these help!

Best, Simon

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