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Aug 12 15 11:00 PM

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Hello all

Yesterday we had a short and bloody battle between Visigoths and later imperial Romans.  It was Adrianople reversed!
My warbands, being warrior deep for 5 of them and warrior deep veteran for two were peacemal destroyed by fire and combat and I could do nothing. I must say I had abyssmal bad luck but we saw that the warrior warbands, also deep with 3 VP are quite difficult to activate with only attached generals, the later having a bad habit to die rapidly letting the warbands helpless in the field...
If you have no more general to activate and you have suffered one or two casualties, then you can pray!
We are making another attempt saturday, but I would like to know how you play them.

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Aug 13 15 9:26 AM

Hi Robert,

Warriors are not the best troops in the world, and if the initial attacks do not go well then they struggle.

The best way I have found to use them is to attack on a broad front, to protect the flanks, with as many heroes as there are in the list. If there is a veteran unit that needs to ideally hit a weak spot in the enemy line. There isn't much value in trying to rally warrior units.

It is very desirable to hold at least one warrior and better a couple of units in reserve, to fill a gap in the line as soon as one emerges. It will! ;-)

Sometimes the warriors will sweep the enemy away, I have seen it happen. They are very effective against the Polybian Roman small units.

Warrior units in some armies have shock missiles- these have a little extra punch! I do hope that they do well on Saturday.

Best, Simon

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