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Oct 5 15 11:31 AM

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I had a weekend away and a chance to think about horse and musket.  The more I look at it, the more do-able it looks and I have bought my first c17th minis, off of David Imrie so a small army is potentially in the offing...  :-)

One thing that is likely to be different about the new rules is that I think I will try to incorporate diagonal facings in the H&M set, they look viable.
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Oct 17 15 9:38 AM

What's the thinking behind diagonal facing? I'm looking at trying to convert the 'Great Battles of History: Samurai' boardgame from hexes to squares, and I was wondering about having a diagonal facing myself.

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Oct 17 15 12:11 PM

Hi Gareth,

Looking at some of the battle plans of the period diagonals seem a lot more common than in the ancient period.  It occurred to me that diagonals could work with TtS, so I thought I'd give it a go.  It'll be two units to a square as per TtS, they should fit in OK especially as there are few or no deep units as one gets into Horse and Musket.  I'll post a bit more when I manage to get something down on paper.

Best, Simon


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