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Dec 31 15 8:17 AM

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Hopefully you will be able to see a photo of my first 2 units of 15mm Carthaginians. These are Forged in Battle miniatures, I got a boxed army set for Xmas plus a pack of elephants. i am painting the army up in pairs of bases so 2 elephants and 2 bases of skirmishers first. Next on the painting table are 2 bases of African foot and 2 bases of Punic cavalry.
You may also spot the dots on the gaming cloth?
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Jan 1 16 3:43 AM

Hi Stuart,

The Carthaginians look great.

To post a pic from photobucket:

open up the picture you want to share.
on the right of the screen there is a box with the title share this photo.
the bottom option, IMG, left click on that. It will automatically copy.

Then in the post, right click, and paste. The photo will then be in the post! see below.



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Jan 3 16 4:10 PM

And very nice they are too! Well done Steve for helping.

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Mar 5 16 3:16 AM

It has been a while but here are the latest new units for my growing 15mm Carthaginian army, 2 bases of Punic Cavalry and 2 bases of Spears plus some Command and Heroes bases.

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Nov 24 16 12:19 AM

Very nice,

I love Forged in Battle figures, I have a large (nearly 600 figures) Roman Republican.

There opponents, the Carthaginians, Spanish, and Numidians are all Corvus Belli the Gauls are a mix of Corvus Belli and Forged in Battle

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