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May 19 16 11:36 AM

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I've just recently got started on getting my second Italian Ala painted up for my Roman army and remembered that I'd posted a short video around this time last year..

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May 20 16 2:44 AM

No I am really liking that! The sound track really makes it come alive. Lovely painting and basing too!

So why have I never done one of those? What do you use to edit the footage?

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May 20 16 12:58 PM

:-) I use iMovie. Dead easy.

And thanks, the painting is very much 'wargames standard' - ie block colours and washes, nothing fancy, but from 3 feet away and in action look fine !

Can you see why I was considering the wasteland cloth? The bases are a yellow Ochre base colour.. vaguely fit in with Scrivs, James, Steve etc armies


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May 21 16 12:40 AM


Good news for you regarding the cloths- there is a new mat coming out in the next few weeks that should be perfect for you and James (and El Scrivs too!). It has a yellow ochre key.

I'm also trying to persuade them to make another mat that will match my bases; dusty burnt unber.

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