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Jun 3 15 12:29 PM

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Mate Bevan Marchand has written some changes to extend TtS! into the Thirty Years War and ECW periods, which I am quite taken with.  I am keen to develop these and see how they work on the table, whilst learning about the period myself!  I've bought some wooden blocks to mock up as units and hope to have a crack at a battle next week, with Ian.  Watch this space...

If anyone would like to get involved please drop me a line!  Simon

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Jun 27 15 8:08 AM

Hi Simon,
I would love to. I am a TTS rookie, but have a strong game design background. I use Armati for this period but like the ancients and medievals, feel that TTS and Armati are rather perfect bedfellows due to their very different approaches and elegant simplicity; we can pull either off the shelf and with the same models/basing play very different games.

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Aug 18 15 4:51 AM

Paper Soldiers for ECW

 I was going to suggest Billy Bones' excellent paper soldiers as a replacement for your blocks. But they don't seem to be available on his site or at Wargames Vault (as far as I can tell). I'll check with him what's happening, but they would be an easy alternative to figures. Google Wargames Website and Billy Bones for some more details. All the best, Nick A.​

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Jun 10 16 5:47 AM

I've been trying to come up with an ECW tile with Strongest in, alas no joy. Re rules, Mollinary has been messing around with a set that look promising, we are going to have a play week after next. I am thinking it might be possible to develop them broadly in parallel with the fantasy version, so there might be a play-testable version late this year. Might. ;-)

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Jun 30 16 6:46 AM

By way of an update, Mollinary of this parish and I have been working on an ECW version of the rules. I'm writing the key mechanics down, and I hope to have a very rough play-testable version in place by the end of July- so watch this space! If anyone would like to be involved with play-testing, please drop me a line- I am collating a small list.

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Jul 8 16 2:07 AM

Played a test game list night; worked very well. I'm still confident that I'll have something testable by the end of the month.


I'm open for suggestions for a name for the rules, if anyone has a bright idea.

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Jul 8 16 6:18 AM

Looking very good. I know the play testing has  so this may be more of an army list thing. With cavalry of the period it seemed to be all about squadrons/troops rather than regiments. Would it be more flavoursome for the period for cavalry to be in small units and allow them a similar strike back ability if a similar unit in the same square is destroyed like the manipular rule. That way cavalry wings would look like the wood cut illustrations we are so familiar with.

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Jul 8 16 9:23 AM

Interesting idea. We did think about 1 hit cavalry units but have gone (generally) with 2 hit units. I think the wings may well end up 2 lines deep which may give you what you are looking for, visually. Each cavalry unit is around half a regiment.

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Jul 8 16 12:54 PM


As you know, in this period regiments, squadrons and troops varied enormously in size. For this reason, we are currently looking at cavalry units of 120-180, representing a tactical unit which could contain a number of troops, or even squadrons, but at the extreme might just be part of a regiment (say the NMA at Naseby). I think we are open to alternate points of view, but in creating rules which can cover the small regional battles up to things like Marston Moor, this seemed a useable baseline. Any smaller, and the large battles would really bog down under the weight of the number of units in a wing. Any larger, and the smaller battles would be hard to represent. We also have to consider the relative size of horse units to foot units. Here we are trialling 400-600 foot units against the 120-180 cavalry units. It seems to be working, but we will see how more play testing makes it look!


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