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Aug 3 16 3:27 AM

I think shooting at long range is pretty good as is. It expends no more ammunition and is no more difficult to hit than firing at short range. It is very useful for disrupting enemy troops if you get a hit, his choices are either to rally, in which case he is likely to be immobilised while doing so, or he may be goaded into charging you while still disordered. You can either take him on on equal terms or, if lights or cavalry, evade. It is why you actually need your own light troops in the way!


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Aug 4 16 2:22 AM

Shooting at range comes into its own when you have lots of shooters. Armies like Parthians or Sassanids can use their mobility to concentrate shooting from many units on one target.
A shot only has a 30% chance of scoring a hit, but if you an get 4 or 5 shooters, you have a very good chance of getting a hit, and an outside chance of destroying the target.

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Aug 4 16 5:18 AM

I have seen two units of horse archers get lucky and mow down a couple of cohorts of Raw Roman legionaries with a spot of lucky shooting. There's a -1 on saves if you are shot at from behind the flank, IIRC, which can help.

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Aug 29 16 5:04 AM


The rally is too easy because it is based on save. Hoplites and legionaries are too easy to rally.

Can you imagine a system based on experience? That is :
- no rally in ZOC
- rally on 8+ (raw 9+, veteran 7+)?

French Player who love To the Strongest

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Aug 30 16 12:59 AM

Yes Fred this is something I have considered.

Going a stage further, I have thought about making the base Melee/shooting saves for all raw units 8+, standard 7+ and veteran 6+ in all circumstances, with modifiers to reflect armour/shields. Thus veteran Roman legionaries would be well armoured, with a +1 modifier on the card they draw.

The drawback of this is that the player of an armoured unit might have to remember to apply a modifier to its save, which is hard to explain to new players. But it would help with the rallies of the best-armoured units such as Knights.

Best, Simon

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Aug 30 16 3:42 AM

The rules could be too complicated if we add too many rules and modifiers

Modify to hit for veteran and raw => why not. I see more veteran as reliable troops. Easiest to rally and save. And raw as "daube" as asked in french, some shity troops. Fight as others troops but more fragile in morale.

Simplify rally for player, more difficult for troops.

The budget will be modified too. And the objective must, to my opinion, not to complexify the system.

French Player

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Sep 5 16 6:54 AM

I will say that doing rallying as proposed and used in the ECW play test worked well - penalty to activation for each unit that could charge your unit, negated by heroic generals or heroes. Restricting rallying by units in an enemy ZOC would especially impact 3 hit units like phalangites and War Wagons.

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#29 [url]

Sep 5 16 9:13 AM

That's encouraging Peter- thanks. We really need to get rallying right- there is far too much of it at the moment! In our game yesterday (using the existing rules) I estimate that rallying added best part of an hour to the duration of the game, around 40%.

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