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Jun 23 16 1:27 PM

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Another thing that came out of yesterday's game was the issue of infantry charging cavalry.  This was a rare event that Mollinary of this parish argued shouldn't take place; I said that I feel that infantry need to have a mechanism for pushing back mounted.  I have come up with this proposal, which enables infantry to charge, albeit with a greater element of risk, as the cavalry can charge back.

"When a formed infantry uit charges a formed mounted unit, frontally, the mounted may choose to cancel the infantry's charge and themselves charge, instead."

Charging cavalry will hit first, which us likely to give them the advantage.  Moreover they may play bonus cards such as lance, if they have them.  Of course the infantry may receive defensive bonuses themselves, when charged, such as those for spears.  Should the cavalry destroy the infantry then they would advance into the box if vacant.

All comments gratefully received!


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Jun 23 16 1:48 PM

Of course, as we discussed, the cavalry have the opportunity to retire, rather than charge themselves, and evade the infantry charge, if they prefer. This effectively allows cavalry to "screen" an infantry advance.


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Aug 29 16 5:07 AM


As in other games i play (blucher for example), infantry charging cavalry would have a malus.

The idea of first attack for cavalry is good.

But the cavalry must disengage against cavalry. Apart if infantry is destroyed in the process, she can advance after combat and cavalry must retreat.

French Player

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Aug 30 16 1:33 AM

Malus - that is a great- sounding word. Presumably means penalty?

I like the rally back idea.

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Aug 30 16 3:44 AM

Yes Simon. Penalty.

And disengaging of cavalry is agains infantry, not cavalry. Apart if infantry is destroyed during the combat.

You can also says that infantry, except some troops with longs pike, spears..., could hit on 8+ as bowmen and disordered troops when attacking (not defending) versus cavalry.

French player


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Aug 30 16 2:22 PM

Hi folks
not real sure on where you are going with this! I like the rules as they stand, I'm not sure ancient cavalry could frontally charge formed infantry with any degree of success, at least not till much latter (Knights) but I'm pretty positive formed infantry could push forward, that's why the cavalry were on the flanks. Cavalry armies often skirmished and would give ground when at a disadvantage but when formed infantry became disordered they would go in for the kill (Parthia v Roman)
i suggest using the advantages in movement that cavalry have to wrong foot 😉 Infantry and try to hit flanks etc..
just my thoughts 

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Aug 31 16 8:38 AM

Hi Warwick, the infantry can still push forward by forcing the cavalry to charge them. In some circumstances this will help the foot who may benefit from defensive bonuses for spears etc; in others the horse who may benefit from a lance. In general I feel that the cavalry should have the right to charge as they are faster and because foot must move cautiously when threatened by mounted. Having the right to charge and beating the foot may not be the same thing! ;-) Best, Simon

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