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Jul 8 16 1:39 AM

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A cracking game of TTS last night. Alexander vs Darius with armies and terrain based on Issos.
Alexander punched straight through the Persian guard cavalry while Parmenio delayed on the other flank. That double replay which Alexander gets is lethal!
However, the pursuing companions were then caught by Persian reserves and destroyed, but Alex escaped and joined the other unit of companions.
Meanwhile, the Phalanx had made a hole in the Persian line, and Bessos had broken through on the Persian right. There was a race to sack camps on both sides, which the Macedonians won, breaking the Persian army..
Great game. Picture of the action attached

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Jul 8 16 2:18 AM

Foot isn't that scarce - 3 phalanx and 2 hoplite units plus the Hypaspists on the Macedonian side, while the Persians have 2 hoplites, the Apple Bearers and a unit of Takabara (plus a couple of units of light foot each)
For mounted, Macedonians have 2 units of companions and one of Thessalians, plus some Thracian light horse, Persians have one unit if guard cavalry with lance, 2 units of armoured cavalry, 2 of unarmoured, and 2 of horse archers.

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