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Aug 7 16 12:46 AM

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After the phase of deployment the passive player can groped to become active player by challenging an opponent hero.
The passive player throws the challenge and chooses a hero by a unit of his choice, if the opponent refuses the challenge becomes a passive player, if he accepts the challenge choose a hero who will face the challenger in the same manner, they may be chosen for challenge Senior General (+2 modifier salvation) or Attached General (+1 modifier salvation) or Hero ( 0 modifier salvation).
The two challengers face each other at the center of the battlefield in full view of both parties, and will proceed to three melee rounds as usual with the only difference that will be contemporary, the winner will be the one who will hit several times the opponent.
1) If the winner is the hero of the passive player, the loser becomes passive and remove from play the hero defeated and 0 VM, if Attacched General 1 VM, when Senior General 2 VM.
2) If the loser is the hero of the passive player it will be removed from the game and recorded the loss of 1 VM if he fought a hero, VM 2 when he fought a Attacched General, 3 VM if he fought the Senior General, the player passive remains passive.
Hero save 7.
Hero Attacched General save 6.
Hero Senior General save 5.
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Aug 9 16 6:23 AM

Sorry it's taken me a while to reply- I've been buys and had a touch of summer flu.

Duels- interesting. They did happen although somewhat rarely.

It would be super to have a mechanism through which generals and heroes could seek each other out then their units clash on the battlefield, and have a fight within a fight. I shall think on that... thanks!

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