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Sep 30 16 9:45 AM

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So, after selling off all my miniatures with the collapse of Armati, WAB and FoG, I stumbled across TtS, and ADLG.  I quickly made several purchases of toy soldiers,  and retained the incomperable Steve Dean, to paint one of my newly acquired 15mm armies.   I now have 3 painted armies: -Mongol, Marian Roman and Early German [with a couple others in queue]. Steve Dean did the Mongols, the premier painting service of DPS in Hong Kong did the Romans, and Ilya Z from Russia did the Germans.......and here I am in the US--this is a global economy!   All, right now are 15mm, played on 100mm square grid purchased from the Bat Cave.

Linden, my old Armati buddy, and I decided to to do a pizza and craft beer night and take the TtS plunge.  I went through setting up terrain and forces using the guide in the rule book, before he arrived.  While we devoured the pizza, chased with some great IPA from our fave craft beer brewery, we went over the mechanics, concepts and general outline of how to play.  We both have previously played CCAncients, so had concept of area wargaming down.  We opted to roll D10's rather than draw cards [just seemed more war-gamey do do it with dice].  I only have enough painted troops to field 120 pt forces, and some of them were not completely based [flocked], and the boys from across the Rhine were without camps.  But, at least, after a lengthy absence, we were rolling bones and pushing life was pretty good!

The game flowed well.  I only had to look for a few rules and we completed about 6-7 turns in 2-2 1/2 hrs.  Plus, we were chatting about the Chiefs [our local football team], business [we are partners in a business here in KC].  It was nice concentrating on the strategy more than the rules, which cannot be said for a lot of game systems out there.

The Germans eked out a victory, when the lone legion went down from a combined German warrior onslaught.  I learned that the dang German cav [being raw], are brittle and should not go head to head with better quality cav [the Roman gallic allied cav, for instance].  When warriors met Legions, it turned into a survival of the fittest [Legion saves of 6+ vs. Warrior saves of 7+, but able to take 3 hits]  The first unit to take a 'hit' was really disadvantaged we found, since it then required hitting on an 8+.  The deciding melee happened when one of my warrior units slammed into a legion and caused a hit that was not saved. His legion struck back and caused a hit and I had 2 hero's attached, so was able to save using one of them for a re-roll.  

We both enjoyed the game and are planning the next one.  Linden might opt for the Mongols this time, and I might take Ceasars boy's. I hope the pictures post correctly.










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Oct 2 16 4:53 AM

Alas the photos haven't come up- what a pity!

I am liking the pizza and craft beer idea. We used to do that a lot around here, later shifting to a bottle of nice red wine.

Re legions vs. Germans the latter really need heroes to bolster the attacks; and yes their cavalry struggle! Romans need some reserves in case the front lien is swept away. The later Goths get better horse that can go head to head with the Romans.

Best, Simon

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Oct 2 16 7:19 AM

Hi sounds like a really fun evening! One minor point. - heroes are great fighters and inspire their comrades to kill more enemies, they are not medics, and cannot re roll saves!



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#3 [url]

Oct 2 16 10:03 AM

Yikes.  You can't see the photos?  I can see them.  

Mollinary........ugh, my, hero's can only re-roll 'to-hit' dice/cards and not saves?  That does make a difference.  I will make a note of it for the next game.


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#4 [url]

Oct 2 16 10:16 AM

And only on their own activation - so they can't re draw a to hit card caused by an enemy charging them. Oh, and I don't seem to be able to see the pics either.


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#5 [url]

Oct 5 16 5:19 AM

Dang, I was hoping to be able to copy the link into the message and have the picture be seen, but it looks like just the link was copied and you have to view through dropbox.

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#6 [url]

Oct 5 16 5:10 PM

Excellent write up Dave and really looking forward to seeing the photographs when you have them in another format. I can see the small ones on this list but they cannot be expanded with much clarity and I am very keen to see your collection.



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#8 [url]

Oct 6 16 4:58 AM

Ugh..........thought I had worked around this.  Not sure why I am having issues with putting pics in the forum.  Seems everyone else has it down.........:-(

I will keep


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#10 [url]

Oct 8 16 9:26 PM

Yep, I can see them!  Nice collections too.

I look forward to seeing your Mongol army have its first outing too as I happen to be painting Mongols currently to fight Sung Chinese. Other's eye candy is always nice inspiration.

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#11 [url]

Oct 9 16 2:08 PM

Oh they are great! Love those Corvus Belli Caesarians.

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