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Oct 7 16 9:34 PM

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Some ideas for TTS 2
Carrge compulsory
Units were notoriously undisciplined as WB and Kn.
Units with this feature that are in charge of enemies distance must groped for activating first to try to close the contact, eg; if I have two units in charge range must first activate the two obliged to load, then I switch to activate the rest of the army as usual.

Evasion of LC:
Would improve the ability to escape from the LC only when charged from Kn, the evasion test succasso with 3+ instead with 5+.

Brektrhow by friends who are in the same context: if the front unit breaks down due to fray the rear unit executes a save, if it fails, take a "Temporary Disorder" that not Kill ago but is fighting with 8+, it automatically recovers end of the phase .
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Oct 8 16 5:06 AM


Re impetuosity, I have been thinking along the same lines. I was going to make fanatics and knights be the first units in a command to be activated. The idea that this only applies when enemy are within charge reach is an interesting one; I would probably say within charge reach or missile range. An interesting idea- thanks!

LC- they do evade pretty well as it is, I think that is OK.

Temporary disorder; interesting. I have sometimes thought that there should be some disorder when a friendly units routs, but I've not come up with a suitable mechanism. I will keep thinking.

Best, Simon

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