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Oct 8 16 7:41 AM

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I've been thinking that a counter-charge option would be useful. At the moment, if I'm charged by lance-armed cavalry, I most always evade. They'll have around a 50% chance of putting a hit on me, and making my fight back roll worse, so I'd rather evade even where my own cavalry are lance-armed. So maybe cavalry/knights should have a counter-charge option, say on a 3+ they counter-charge and then inflict hits simultaneously with the attacker and can use their lances. 
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Oct 8 16 8:36 AM

Hi Gareth,

In the ECW rules we've just introduced a counter charge, it works well.

We have also introduced a charge bonus for cavalry that now get to play an extra to-hit card on an 8+. I am thinking that a lance might become an extra 8+ on top of this, with lancers having 2 such lance tokens. The charge bonus ties in with some new rules for pursuit and fatigue. I'm quite excited by the ECW mounted rules; we'll have to see if they translate back into ancients.

Best, Simon

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