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Oct 9 16 12:44 AM

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Yesterday the Grand Maestrro Teutonic Order took a sound whack from mocking Maximilian Nijevskii Taverna ..... the deployment of troops on the trusting relationship of Cossack explorers who reported a favorable ground to the facts found himself with a flank unprotected , there, where the presence of forests and ponds made it difficult to circumvent by the enemy of its troops in the plain reality acted as hostess ....... damn scout ...... the battle begins with an advanced the cavalry read Russian, the Teuton sees an easy target and it is thrown, and so it is, Nijevski fails to give a counter in time and Lc are overwhelmed ... 4 LC unit and a Cv are swept away from the office, Russian not lost his temper, and is still waiting ....... Teutons trusting momentary favor throw themselves on the second line glimpsing a direct route to the enemy camp ...... but ....... the blow of the Russian tail ....... the two units of confreres find themselves encircled by sbucate troops out of thickets, the same fate with regard to Kn allies ..... carnage that the Teutons at first seem to know how to curb ... but complicit fate mocking .... aces galore ...... is over Teutons BP8 of 8 ... 9 ........... Russians BP6 of a time and a half of play.
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