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Oct 12 16 1:20 PM

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Hi Simon,

Just a quick query to make sure I am reading the save modifiers cataphracts correctly.

In the Sassanid list veteran cataphracts save on a 5+ making them quite tough.

The QRS also notes that they get a +1 save for their troop type as well.

Does that mean they save on a 4+ or has their armour already been taken into consideration and the 5+ is the best they can hope for?


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Oct 18 16 7:01 AM

I think on the few occasions we have played with Cats we have played it is in addition so its melee save is different to its rally save.

It makes veteran Cataphract cavalry v.tough but they do have the disorder penalty to contend with.

That's how I read it otherwise if you did not apply it then the same would apply to other troops if they were veteran which defeats the point.


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Oct 27 16 3:01 AM

Remember as well chaps. If you activate your cataphracts to move 2 boxes or to charge and you  draw an ace you suffer a disorder. We've had a couple of Cataphracts destroy themselves . 

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