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Oct 14 16 12:49 AM

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The Romans unwisely invaded Parthia. We used the 'Time is of the essence' scenario in the book ; the Romans are out in the desert without water.
The 'water' supply was represented simply by the Parthian camp on the other side of the table (I put  a little model oasis in there) - if the Romans could sack the camp, they'd get 9 victory mdeals and win.
But they couldn't just sit around because they would be losing a medal every turn. The Romans also had a camp but it was fortified in usual Roman fashion.
The Romans had 2 commands each with 1 Gallic cavalry, 1 Numidian cavalry, 2 legions, and a third command with 3 legions and two units of light foot (which were wisely left to guard the camp against marauding light horse). The Parthians had 2 commands each with 1 cataphract, 3 horse archers, 2 light foot, and one command with 1 eleite cataphract, 1 cataphract, 3 light horse.

Here's the situation at the start of the game, Romans on the left

The game swung back and forth in a very entertaining manner. At first it all went the Parthian way as the Roman cavalry was overwhelmed (Crassus' son, commanding the left wing, was killed; very historical). Then the Romans' relentless advance started to take its toll; horse archers were forced off table, and the Romans broke through toward the camp. One part of the camp fell. The game teetered on a knife edge as the two commander clashed, but it was Crassus who fell - with the Parthians down to their last victory medal, the Romans broke.
A very entertaining game indeed.

A view of the climax of the battle as the commanders clash
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Oct 14 16 2:20 AM

This was also the first game we used stratagems.
The Romans got 'someone has blundered' which they used to force a cataphract unit to charge impetuously, while the Parthians got Ambush which they used to conceal some bowmen in bad going.
Added a nice bit of extra interest; I made up a set of business cards with the stratagems printed on them, so players just draw them at the start of the game.

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