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Oct 17 16 6:28 AM

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We're running the Third Annual World Championships in Chalgrove on the 25th February 2017.

It's an open competition with more points to play with (130) than last time and there should be more trinkets and prizes up for grabs as Warlord Games are pitching in. The winner will gain custody of the "lovingly hand crafted" trophy for a year and significant bragging rights.

So, details...

February 25th 2017, 9am to roughly 5pm.
Chalgrove Village Hall, Oxfordshire (OX44 7TE).
£9 entry fee.
28mm miniatures.
TtS! rules (version 1.1 with errata).
All official current TtS! army lists allowed.

130 points
3 rounds round robin format.
12 x 8 grid on 6' x 4' tables.
Email your army list to Simon Miller for legality check by the end of January (ideally).
Bring terrain pieces if you can but we may well have the terrain you need on the day.
Tournament ranking determined by how competitors did in each of the three rounds.
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and probably biscuits but no lunch provided.
Competitors who bring cakes won't gain a tournament advantage but will be appreciated.
Email me at [email protected] if you're interested.

Steve Dover.

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Oct 17 16 11:20 AM

Hi all,

I will be there! For those who haven't been before, Chalgrove is near Oxford, and the event is a friendly one day competition, played in 28mm. I will be able to loan 28mm ancient armies to those who need to borrow one.

I also plan to bring a demo game of "For King and Parliament", the coming TtS ECW game, and can run through some of the mechanics.

Best, Simon

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Oct 22 16 2:47 PM

Current players pencilled in...

Ross Broadstock
Simon Purchon
Simon Miller
Trevor Holcroft
Steve Dover
John Sharman
Steve Thompson
Barry Lee
Peter Ryding
Mark Emms
Roger Calderbank
Andy Barnett
Andy Green
Phillip Hamer
Colin Hoare
Philip Marshall
Nick Speller
Mark Schofield
Richard Harris
Anthony Morton.

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Nov 5 16 2:03 PM

Last year we used a "formula" for working out the results on the league table, which looked a bit ... convoluted, so I thought I would give it another try at clarifying it a bit.

Assuming both yours and your competitor's army have 10 victory medals to reach the army break point it works like this.
You get 10 tournament points for taking each of your opponents victory medals.
You get a bonus 50 tournament points if you take all 10 of the opponents victory medals (i.e. you win the game).
You get 5 tournament points for each victory medal you have left for your own army.
Total possible for annihilating the enemy and not losing any of your own units = 200 tournament points.

Where it gets complicated is if your army or your opponent's army has more or less than 10 victory medals to start with. However, it's adjusted so that the maximum possible tournament points is still 200.

I still prefer "kill the enemy units, don't lose too many of yours and win the game."

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Feb 17 17 7:14 AM

We are now just over a week away from the To the Strongest! World Championships, in Chalgrove, Bucks on Saturday 25th February. This year we have just over 30 entrants, each bringing a 28mm army- should be pretty impressive! There are over 3000 years between the earliest army and the latest, and some unusual amries alongside the traditional favourites.

In addition to the tournament, Andrew Brentnall will be running a large Edgehill demonstration battle of the forthcoming "For King and Parliament" English Civil War rules. If you'd like to watch this being played, or better still turn a few cards yourself, or just pop by for a chat, please drop me a line and I'll give you the details.

Best, Simon

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#6 [url]

Feb 25 17 3:48 PM

Thanks to everyone for such a fun day. Well run event and great to see so many old friends and make new ones.
Did anyone pick up (or can pick up) the phone charger that I think I left plugged in, in the main hall?
Here is a link my yoube channel that I was shamelessly plugging earlier. As well as other games, there is a TTS playlist of battle reports and I will be putting up today's games along with a couple of others as soon as possible. If you subscribe you will get notifications as they go up.
Looking forward to seeing your comments ... and not just on all the rules I get wrong!
And yes it is a family-friendly channel :)
Hope to see you all again soon... maybe for a summer tournament in Firestorm, Cardiff?

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#8 [url]

Feb 27 17 1:35 AM

Much kudos to our International contingent- that's a heck of a drive! :-)

I will hopefully have time to do a blog post today with photos- in the meanwhile a huge thank you to everyone who attended and to the South Oxfordshire Generals for organising and catering!

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#9 [url]

Feb 27 17 1:56 AM

Add my thanks to the organisers and caterers - brilliant! And to the two intrepid gamers who had a go at my Edgehill game, and all the rest who popped over for a chat. A great, if tiring, day!

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#10 [url]

Feb 27 17 5:54 AM

Hi. Is Mark Phillips out there? He gave me his e mail address on Saturday, but unfortunately I cannot read his handwriting after the @ symbol!! He asked about the origin of the Hedges in the Edgehill game. They actually came from GS Miniature Workshop who had a stand at Joy of Six 2016. I cannot find a website for them, but they seem contactable by Facebook.

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#11 [url]

Feb 28 17 1:15 PM

Hi all.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the organisers of the event and to my three opponents.  I can't remember when I last enjoyed a historical competition so much - still buzzing from it.

See you at the next one for sure!


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#13 [url]

Mar 4 17 5:51 AM

Somewhat belatedly, I'd like to add my thanks to all involved in setting up and running the event, and to my three opponents for some excellent games. It was a very enjoyable and friendly event.

Is there any chance of another tournament before 2018?


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#14 [url]

Mar 4 17 8:20 AM

Hi Roger- probably not- I think I need to throw all my available time into finishing "For King And Parliament", there's a lot of writing left to do. I really do like the tournament format, though, if would be nice to have one late in the year as well; perhaps one in the centre of England. I'll think on it.

Best Simon

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Mar 6 17 4:28 AM


Here are the overall final placings.

Simon Purchon      518.2
Chris Winter         464.2
Peter Ryding        450.0
Ross Broadstock    448.5
Richard Harris      425.4
Barry Lee             418.2
Mark Schofield     340.9
Tim Thompson     338.7
Alex Meyers         307.6
Steve Thompson   300.3
Adrian Downey     281.3
Roger Calderbank 263.7
Steve Dover          258.2
Andy Barnett        253.8
Juan Amador        242.3
Mark Emms          212.5
Philip Marshall     200.4
Michael Guest      200.0
Nick Abbott         197.6
Jan De Neve        192.7
Anthony Morton   178.2
Phil Hamer          156.4
Nigel Papworth    152.2
Andy Green         150.0
Bevan Marchand   148.2
Kevin Lucas         116.8
Nick Speller         101.9
Bob Ullman          99.4

I still can't believe Simon won it again.

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#17 [url]

Mar 6 17 11:36 AM

Yes, thanks Steve!

I had a little brainwave tonight; I thought we might tie in with the Society of Ancients who still have their own world championship (in which I last participated in 1987, IIRC). I thought it might be fun to find out which TtSers are also in the SOA and join in the Society's competition. In the SOA championship you can play an opponent at home or in a club and just send in the result. My only local opponent is Ian Notter, So I'm in trouble. ;-)

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#19 [url]

Mar 7 17 9:47 AM

Player Army
Nick Abbott Seleucid
Juan E Amador Spartan
Andy Barnett Theban
Ross Broadstock Marian Roman
Roger Calderbank Song Chinese
Jan De Neve Rise of Macedon
Steve Dover Sicilian Norman
Adrian Downey Viking
Mark Emms Akkadian
Andy Green Polybian
Mike Guest Ayyubid
Phillip Hamer Carthaginian
Richard Harris Marian Roman
Trevor Holcroft Decline Romans
Barry Lee Classical Indian
Lucas, Kevin Imperial Seleucid
Bevan Marchand Medieval German
Philip Marshall Principate Roman
Alex Meyers Nikephorian Byzantines
Anthony Morton Late Roman
Nigel Papworth Imperial Seleucid
Simon Purchon Sassanid
Peter Ryding Mongolian Conquest
Mark Schofield Mongol
John Sharman Viking
Nick Speller Huns
Steve Thompson Tang Chinese
Tim Thompson Later East Roman
Ullmann, Bob Principate Romans
Chris Winter Pyrrhic

Here are the armies by player. I did think about trying to produce stats by army, but there are almost as many different armies as players so I didn't think it would be very meaningful. I have a feeling Sasanians woudl come out on top! ;-)

Best, Simon

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#20 [url]

Mar 7 17 11:39 AM

Did the Sassanid army win last year also? I think they should be banned now for being over-powered. smiley: tongue

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