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Oct 21 16 5:38 AM

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This may have been discussed before [didn't read through all the topics]., In a lot of rules systems, certain warrior types are hard to control.  If they get within a ZoC of an enemy, that basically are forced to charge, unless the general intercedes personally, or some other difficult mechanism.  Is there a way to interject impetuosity into, say deep warrior units, that make them more difficult to control?  

The reason I bring this up, in the game last night, I had a warrior unit in the ZoC of a Roman legion that was on a gentle hill.  I just kept the German unit  from charging  up the hill where the Roman would get some save modifiers.  The Roman player did not charge down the hill at me either, so it was a stalemate, while conflict was happening on both the other flanks. Just seemed as if I should have really struggled to keep the Germans from charging wildly up the hill.


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Oct 21 16 5:44 AM

I think warband impetuousity is 'Wargames Wisdom'. Lots of rules have it, but the historical evidence doesn't point to warriors being especially impetuous (particularly not Germans).
Caesar in the Gallic Wars is always complaining about the legions charging without orders.
So maybe *all* close combat troops should sometimes be impetuous.

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Oct 21 16 5:54 AM

Interesting........I have not really read any primary sources, but relied on others to interpret that and create the rules to replicate their behavior.  

Additionally, in other systems, the general rules and interpretations were that German cavalry could be superior [and as Phil Barker indicates, superior to their Gallic counterparts who often fled before them! smiley: happy ] So, I was a bit surprised to see German cavalry classed as 'raw'.  It's fine, and I am okay with it.  Just have to be careful how you handle them!

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Oct 21 16 6:00 AM

German cavalry quality depends on the era.
Caesar says that the Gauls were afraid of the Germans - so they should be better quality than the allied Gallic cavalry during the Gallic wars.
The German army list in 'Rise of Rome' says:
**/*** Prior to 253 CE the Germans may either upgrade one units of cavalry or one unit of warriors to veteran. After 253 they may upgrade up to three units of cavalry or warriors to veteran.

So you can have up to 3 veteran German cavalry.

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Oct 21 16 6:21 AM copy of the German army list has the prior to 253CE upgrade option, but not the after part.  Second sentence starts with 'After...', but nothing else.

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Oct 21 16 6:54 AM

Click on the box and you'll see the rest of the text; I think that CE should be BC, though. Germans seem to have been feared during the Gallic Wars, which are definitely BC.

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