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Oct 27 16 7:40 AM

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Do light units that attack a non-light unit on the flank or rear, get a bonus attack just like non light units?  Do they hit on 6+ or on 8+? Should there be a  +1 save modifier for formed heavier units getting attacked by light units [even on the flank/rear]?

Thanks in advance.

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Jul 12 17 2:22 AM

Lights can stand against close order troops if they are in rough terrain, yet the rules do not allow them to charge close order troops in rough terrain. Have you considered amending this? The LI would be at a slight disadvantage so LI javelins would hit on 8+ but have save of 5+ and a unit of say javelin men would hit on 6+ but save on 7+ but if disordered would be in trouble, possibly allow lights to frontally attack disordered units in rough

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Jul 13 17 3:09 AM

I do like that, Sidley, I'll make a note for when I get around to the big v2 rewrite.

From the supplement, combined lights can now charge formed troops, again potentially worth it if the formed troops have been disordered (perhaps by missile fire).

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