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Oct 28 16 3:41 AM

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Can I ask a couple of rules questions, please.

The first question is regarding the Shoot and Move option for Light troops. Are slingers able to do this? The QRS refers to non-javelin light troops being eligible so that suggests they are allowed but page 40 of the rules seems to specifically limit it to bow / longbow / crossbow / handgun light troops only.

Second question is to do with detached leader movement. If a unit fails activation, can a detached leader (in another box) then make a move into the unit’s box to enable it to replay the card? I would have said no and that the General would need to be in the box at the point the activation failed but a tutorial type video posted on YouTube has this taking place and so perhaps it should be allowed – I actually cannot see where it is expressly not allowed but had always assumed that the General had to be in the box at the time the unit fails the activation.

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Oct 28 16 5:13 AM

Hi Mike; I think the tutorial was wrong about detached generals. It is something that has come up several times on this forum.

Clearly,, the detached general can replay a failed activation of a unit in the box containing the general. For detached generals, the rules say that 'in his command turn', he may move. But if a unit fails an activation, the command turn ends unless a general can immediately replay the card. To allow him to move then replay means he is making the command move after the command turn has ended. After all, if he could make that move, he could move and then choose not to play the replay, which would clearly be moving after his command turn had ended.

Contrast this with a brilliant generals who has a special rule that allows him to move to get to a unit which has failed an activation. Note that he doesn't move if the attempted replay fails. To get this (and other) skills, a brilliant general costs 4 more points. To allow a normal detached general to move to a unit which has failed an activation gives him much of the benefit of a brilliant general without the cost.

As far as slingers are concerned, I have always assumed they can do a shoot and move (backwards) based on the wording on Pages 21 and 22, which doesn't distinguish between the different weapons for light infantry (other). I see your point about page 40, but wonder if that is just an omission. Simon may have to clarify this.



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