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Jun 11 15 8:46 AM

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This is the working title for the fantasy set which I am just starting to get my head around.  

The mechanics will be very similar to TtS!  I am planning to reduce the number of unit types dramatically, though, but give many units "attributes" such as Pike, Drill, Brave and Ambusher that modify these basic qualities.  There will also be magic, fliers and large creatures.  Because of the similarities it should be relatively quick to get to a playtesting stage, hopefully late this summer.

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Jun 25 15 12:52 PM

It came to me like a thunderbolt; however I noticed today that The Baron had used it on one of his blog posts, so I probably picked it up subconsciously off him.  :-)

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Jul 31 15 9:32 AM

Yes I gather!  I've been doing some thinking about this set and have some great ideas, now I just need to write it!

One decision I have made is to support minis based on 20mm square bases as there are a great many out there that will shortly be under-used.  I have a super idea for Sabot bases...

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Jul 31 15 1:27 PM

Hi Nick, I am thinking of simplifying the ancients rules in some respects; doing away with troop types like javelinmen and spearmen, and replacing with a smaller number of types with a range of weapons and gear, with some racial modifiers. Also a subtly different activation system. Just need time to develop it!

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Nov 27 15 2:00 AM

Thanks Orlock. I am working on them when I can- I'm very busy at the mo due to TtS and Real Life things. I hope to have a very rough playtest able sent in Q1 1016. Keep an eye on this thread! Best, SImon

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Jan 2 16 5:03 AM

Must confess that i have taken a half-way-house approach already, as i discovered the rules before having any miniatures, so have been playing TtS using Dark Elf and Bretonnian miniatures with two variations of the 100YW French lists.

Hav ignored any flyers as my collections didn't include any.

I have recently included some 'magic'by allowing one general to cast two spells at the aadditional cost of an úpgrade to magican'''for 10 points.  
The first spell is a 'magic move' type-thingy and allows a command move of 3 boxes.
The second spell is a  ranged attack by allowing the magician to act as a cannon.  I reduce the impact of the offensive spells by introducing a catastophic miscast.  If the activation card to try to cast is less than the current card, the spell goes wrong and the magician takes the efffect of the card.  The activation card can be modified in any of the normal ways but the 'to hit' card cannot.   

These seem to make the magician a dynamic leader with some offensive capability  but stops them short of takiing over the whole game - a bit more Gandalf that Games Workshop.

As i say, a half way house, but we quite like the subtle spin it brings.

Oh, and Romans and Celts await in the wings!!


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Jan 3 16 10:55 AM

Hi Grezjc

My early thoughts about magic are to have some "spells" that are physical and damage like shooting, and others that have mental effects such as confusion. I think mages may well be quite powerful... It is very early days yet, but I hope to get started in February or March.

Best, Simon

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Apr 16 16 4:51 AM

 I have just ordered my copy of the rules. I have a good sized 6mm Fantasy collection and would love to help develop To The Strangest , once I have got fluent with To The Strongest :-)

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Apr 17 16 11:00 PM

My take on it would be that magic is useful but not all powerful and could possibly backfire , massive monsters would be very hard hitting and or hard to destroy but also prone to Stampeding in a random direction , and characters would be able to use or wear a few magic items but still not be overpowered.... just some thoughts..

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Apr 19 16 4:57 AM

We ran mages as cannon in one game; they can explode when they misfire. I'm minded to do something a bit more elaborate with schools of magic (fire, air, water etc) and specific spells. But I need to write Ancients V2 first.

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Apr 24 16 8:06 AM

Simon! I've made it onto the forums at last!!

This is still my favourite period to expand the rules into... Given the Rage of Sigmar revolt :)

I plan to use my Warmaster armies as you know... Can we expand the discussions here by army/race to talk about our thoughts on the distinct armies that x GW products can be used as... Also the sub branches such as Mantic KOW and LOTR forces


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Apr 24 16 12:47 PM

Hi Shaun, welcome to the forum!

We were talking a bit about fantasy over the weekend. I can some some troops working directly with the rules as they stand; Orcs as warriors, for example. Other types need a bit of work- one could have skeletons as mobs, for example -not very effective but able to come back on the table after they are destroyed, like Hordes in HoTT (one of my favourite troop types). And then there are mages who would need a system of their own.

Best Simon

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Apr 25 16 12:05 PM

I think the trick with fantasy is to give each army very unique and characterful rules. So for example you were talking about skeletons, together with zombies they would be very very dependent on a controlling necromancer. That leader would have to be within say 2 squares or the undead would turn to dust. Zombies would be so slow that any opponents they charge would strike them first then the zombies could strike. Skeletons would have a riculously good defence against shooting only but be average in melee. Possibly rules such as fear whereby when drawing to charge a fearsome enemy you would get -1 on the card drawn so a 3 instead of a 2 and if the enemy were terrifying rather than simply causing fear that would be a -2. These would be really nasty things like. Dragons. You could then have the ability HERO, if such a character was with a unit they could ignore such modifiers.

The nice thing about the grid system is that it could make it very easy to rule for spells eg a wall of fire is placed along one edge of one box. Mist to obscure sight can simply fill one box. Each army would have unique rules so rather than rewrite the rules each army has its unique rules it uses to modify the normal rules.

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Apr 25 16 12:57 PM

My idea for magic would be to have Mana counters for magic users similar to ammunition , each spell attempt would cost 1 mana. Once mana runs out the magician could chant , pray etc to get 1 mana back .
So although magicians would be characters like generals , their magic would be done as activations like a unit.
Also if in a box with a magical building then magicians would get their mana regenerated more easily...:-)

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Apr 26 16 1:29 AM

I really like the suggestions re undead and mages. Regarding the latter, I was kicking around an idea where mages had different colour mana crystals associated with different schools of magic (Earth/air, fire/water life/death etc), drawn from a bag. Spells might need a particular component (two red crystals plus one blue crystal), with higher level spells needing more crystals. Mages would be able to cast spells from their own school at a particular mana cost and from a different (but not opposing) school at a higher mana cost. Some terrain (volcano, temple, necropolis) would give them a boost.

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