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Apr 26 16 1:47 PM

The different coloured gems are very characterful, however the below alternative is a more simplified idea using the existing mechanisms. As well as colour/element definition each "school" could have a role. Initial thoughts would be
Black, necromancy - spells to raise undead, cure damage on undead, boost performance of undead, fear causing spells,
Brown, Earth - spells of a defensive nature, increase save of a unit, raise earth walls eg make a square walled,
Red, fire - offensive fire spells, fireballs to damage units like artillery, fire wall to line one edge of a square causing damage to units crossing it,
Blue, water - reduces movement by swamping up squares, can part water to let units cross lakes and rivers,
White, air - facilitates movement by improving move of a unit, allowing an extra turn, allowing a unit to activate without drawing a card (if a spell fails it stops the wizard casting another but as the unit hasn't stopped then the command activation isn't ended)

Each spell could have a separate activation number depending on the school of the caster and the rank/level of the spell which might be written as follows

Wings of Wind: (white school) turns a unit in its own square for free does not count as the unit being activated
White 2, Red 3, Blue 3, Black 4, Blue 4

Raise Dead (Black school) cast on a square where a living unit has been destroyed (note necromancers need to put a skull/skeleton markers on squares where units of living troops are destroyed) if successful place a zombie unit in that square providing the square is vacant or only has a single normal size friendly unit in it.
Black 3, white 5, blue 5, brown 5, red 5

The calculations are that black spells are always +2 for all other schools, all schools find black difficult at +2 likewise black finds all non black spells difficult so +2.
White is difficult for brown and vice versa s +2 for difficult
Red is difficult for blue and vice versa so +2 for difficult
If a spell is not your school or difficult then it's +1

A wizard can cast as many spells a turn as he wants and like normal activations needs a higher draw each time to make it successful. If a draw of 10 is made ON A SECOND SPELL ATTEMPT IN ONE TURN then the wizard is injured or hors de combat. That way a cautious wizard casting once a turn is safe but an insane magic mad wizard may be taken by the demons.

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Apr 26 16 9:53 PM

Interesting ideas . Also how about green for woodland spells ?
I like the idea of any wizards being able to Summon either Monsters , Elementals or mystical units , with varying degrees of difficulty dependent on:-
the terrain of the box where the Summoning is attempted , the battle effectiveness /rarity of the Summoned unit / Monster , and which School of Magic the Summoner  belongs to ...possibly only particular Schools would be able to Summon some of these.
My final thought is about Undead falling apart if a Necromancer is not within X number of boxes of any Undead units , they would take an unsavable hit. Not sure at which part of the turn this would occur though....

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Apr 27 16 9:59 AM

Well I suppose a green school would represent life and be diametrically opposite to black. Possible spells to summon woods into a square, cure living units, summon tree ents from old ( non summoned) woods etc

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#24 [url]

Apr 28 16 3:45 AM

Hi Sidley,

Sorry I've been a bit delayed.  Yes that's very much the sort of thing I'm considering.

Black - Night, Evil
Yellow - Sun, Good
Red - Fire
Blue - Water
Green - Earth
Clear - Air
Purple - Chaos

Mages might be a combination of two elements;  Perhaps one element might be primary and the other secondary, with one negative. A necromancer might be Darkness and Earth, for example, with light negative.  A druid Earth and Sun with Darkness negative.

One's school might give a discount on the spell cast, eg a necromancer can effectively cast a spell needing two black and two green for half price, but woudl have one extra cost for casting a spell including Yellos (sunlight).  Thus he could cast such a spell but he'd need to spend more mana.

I quite like the idea od drawing coloured chits or crystals from a bag,  which would become components of spells.  However this might be a bit ambitious and complex, and I might not be able to get suitably coloured crystals, although EM4 do some coloured gems that might work.   

Best, Simon

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Apr 28 16 12:19 PM

If you don't ind it too presumptious I might try to knock out some sample lists for various races with suitable simple army specific rules. The classic goblin, Orc, undead, elf, dwarf and man lists would seem about right. The mantic solution of a set of rules which cater for existing GW based armies would make finding armies quite simple.

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#26 [url]

Apr 29 16 4:55 AM

Yes absolutely- you are very welcome to email me. I only have limited time just now but am curious to mess around with magic rules. I have bought some fantasy armies so that I have some lead to move around a table,

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#27 [url]

Apr 29 16 6:19 AM

If the army lists are workable would I be able to access them to do some playtesting ? I have most of the armies you are talking about plus others such as Centaurs and Minotaurs ..

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#30 [url]

Jun 6 16 1:27 AM

I'm planning to lick some spells into shape for a game on Sunday at Broadside. :-)

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