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Nov 13 16 10:33 AM

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Hello Simon,

after our very first game, we have some questions:
  • During set-up, do you place only camps which belong to the corresponding conmmand or do you place all camps during deployment of the first command?
    Do all your camps sit together or behind each command? It would be a difference if you want to protect them with fortifications.
  • Can you deploy a unit starting straddling two boxes?
  • Are heroes a secret until revealed or do you know that this certain tribun of this certain legion will do his feat during the coming battle?
  • Can generals who evaded with an unit off the table, play a replay card on the card needed to return? We assumed it's a normal activation.
  • Is moving inside a large rough terrain two reasons for difficult activation? So, will you get -1 for leaving a box with rough terrain and -1 for entering rough terrain, even it is the same piece? Would it be different if you would leave a marsh to enter a steep hill instead?
    Similar question, is it -2 if you try to turn in rough terrain? One could argue it is more difficult as turning in open terrain.
Looking forward to your answers.
I'll post an AAR in the forum soon.
But we can say we liked the rules to this point!

Best regards
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Nov 16 16 2:41 AM

Hi Sebastian,

Apologies for the delay in responding!

Place each camp with the command of which it is part
good question- yes, I suppose!
No they are not a secret.
No, one -1 is sufficient, and a -1 when you leave
Yes -1 for the terrain and -1 for the turn. Very hard I should imagine!

I am glad that you like the rules!

Best Simon

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