Nov 28 16 3:46 AM

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We have usually played TTS in 28mm but on Saturday we turned the field over to some older 15mm figures to test out one of the 100mm grid (wasteland) mats we acquired.

We turned some of the outer columns on one side of the table into a river so we used a 15 x 12 playing area rather than the full 18 x 12.

The battle was (very loosely) based on Edessa 260 – so Imperial Rome vs Sassanid Persians. I (with one other player) took the side of the Persians and (rather bravely) decided to put the overall Army commander (an heroic chap) with the elephants just for something different. Guess who the first casualty of the game was………

My fellow Persian was playing his first ever game of TTS and he took one of the three commands and his first ever card draw to activate was….an ACE. Both Phil, my regular opponent, and me said almost simultaneously, “welcome to TTS…..”.

The Romans just about edged it before we wrapped up for the evening. It was our first use of Cataphracts and only one of them fell to their special disorder rule.

It was a fun game and the extra width / depth over the normal 6 x 4 (150mm) grid changed it quite a lot. We will revise things for the next game as the Romans and Persians had the same number of Commands (three) but we will probably give the Romans 4 or 5 next time and the Persians 3 or perhaps 4. It was a fairly big scrap – about 260 points per side but flowed quite nicely. We hope to try the next one with 4 or 5 players.

Blog link (from Phil the Roman player) attached.