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Dec 9 16 7:33 AM

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Can a unit from a demoralized command [loss of 50% or more] move through or attack an undefended camp?  Logically you would think that if a LC unit is raiding behind the enemy lines and presented with the chance to loot the camp, that the unit commander would take it.  [Particularly, since light units seem to operate outside most command and control restrictions].  Would they even know the command was below 50% and maybe retiring from the field?  How do others play this?


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Dec 10 16 7:26 AM

Hi Dave,

Yes it could, if the camp was undefended; it wouldn't count as a charge.

BTW In v2 the restriction on charging will come out; instead it's likely that demoralised units will suffer penalties when shot at or in melee.

BEst, Simon

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