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Jun 16 15 9:28 AM

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If so please send it to me; I'll have a look at it, edit it and get it published!  I estimate that we need as may as 300 more army lists so all contributions will be gratefully recieved!
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Sep 23 15 2:05 PM

Hi Ferb (and welcome),

Interesting question.  

Always at least 3 generals, and up to 5 in the most professional armies.  Heroes from 3-6 ish, depending on my perception of how important heroic leadership was in the army.  More in armies with a lot of warbands.

Usually the most common troop type x the maximum number of elements comes to around 100 points or thereabouts.

A good place to start is with a similar list to the one you are building and take it from there!  Drop me a line at my address in the shop and I'll give input as you go along.

Best, Simon

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