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Jan 13 17 2:13 AM

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The guys at our club are currently playing some later italian Wars games. The only unit we are having a bit of "trouble" with is mounted arquebusiers . Its often better to seek thoughts outwith your own group. 
we currently class them as LC skirmisher types. Range of 3 . No "parthian shot" style fire in retreat. Save of 8 , 7+ if veteran. 
I usually field Sforza/ Medici/ Papal with Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere as a commander . He was a forerunner in using arquebus and more specifically mounted arequebus .
Current list 3 detached generals on horse 
1 is senior
4 veteran arquebus
6 arquebus 
3 pikes
4 veteran light cavalry , arquebus 
1 Knights 
1 later Kinights . 
Always interested in others thoughts

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Jan 13 17 9:23 AM

Hi Jim,

"Mounted arquebusiers are light cavalry (arquebus) with have three ammo. They cannot fire their arquebuses when mounted. They can dismount as part of a shooting activation (dismount and shoot, or shoot and remount). When dismounted, treat them as light infantry (arquebus) If charged when dismounted, they evade as if mounted, remounting as part of their evade."

This is from the Italian Wars supplement I worked on last summer- it's not finished but I did nail the troop types down.

Best Simon

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Jan 17 17 3:16 AM

We,ve allowed the musketeers to fire as if mounted. If they need to activate to get off and fire and then activate again to get back on it stops the use of historic tactics . There are several instances of them firing mounted byt usually in a pusuit or harassment . 

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