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Jan 15 17 12:04 PM

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I All,

I'm Urial and I have a Youtube channel for the miniature Wargame. 

I made a Presentation  Video for To the strongest in french (yes i'm french ^^)

here is the link : 


I wish create a Xls army list generator also :) 

Good night
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Jan 16 17 9:54 AM

Hi Urial,

Thanks very much for this! I am afraid that my schoolboy French can only be described as "mauvais" so I can't follow it all- however the presentation looks extremely professional! Is it funny to hear the very familiar TtS! terms expressed in French.

Regarding an xls army spreadsheet- someone did start to work on that last year, and asked me for information, I must confess (guilty) that I did not follow up due to pressure of work. I will mail him today! If you would like to email me I will copy you in.

Best, Simon

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Jan 16 17 9:24 PM

Hi BigRedbat

Thanks you for your comment ^^ I have just read the rules, but your writting is "limpide" :) and your book easy to read :D

I send you a email a soon to finish this post for the spreadsheet ;)

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Jan 17 17 1:48 AM

Limpide = crystal clear- I love it! I try to make the English clear and not too difficult, and my friend Aaron helped to correct my grammatical errors.

Great re the spreadsheet- I'll get on that this morning

Best, Simon

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Jan 18 17 10:57 AM

I just saw the presentation, it's interesting! I am French too and we are  or  to play TTS in our club " Les Nerviens"

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#8 [url]

Jan 24 17 11:40 PM

hehe yes Big red bat, this day one more french buyer, tomorrow the world ! :D

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