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Jan 17 17 6:56 PM

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I was interested in the rules, and have a question. I see that someone uses a d10 rather than cards. I suppose it is possible that if cards are used, one number could become exhausted so that one would know when drawing from the cards, that number could not be drawn. Is such knowledge of the odds part of the design of the game, so that using a d10 would not be in keeping with the design? Just wondering. :)
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Jan 18 17 6:15 AM


I use a D10 exclusively.  I had the same question, since there are a finite number of each card, and potentially an infinite number of a certain number rolled each game.  I honestly think the D10 is the better way to go, using the chits that Simon sells to mark the numbers.  Less obtrusive, and we just like rolling dice.  For stratagems, we use Simons chits the face cards printed on them and put them in a cup before drawing them out.  


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Jan 18 17 7:40 AM

Dice work fine. Obviously in the case of activation dice you'd need to leave them in place so you know what you need to re-activate.
Having said that, I think cards work better for two reasons:
1. Easy to leave in place and just add new cards when re-activated. We also turn all the cards for a given command through 90 degrees when they fail an activation as a reminder that they are done.
2. They are much faster. It's astonishing how much time some people waste rolling dice, and then proceed to hurl the dice off the table, or end up with it cocked and argue about whether it needs to be re-rolled. A card flip takes under a second, and never need to be re-done.
You can add a couple of jokers to the pack and re-shuffle when they come up to foil card counting, but with 80 cards a side we've not found it an issue.

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Jan 18 17 9:53 AM

Its not one or the other, use both together.
We use the mdf chits from bigredbatshop for activation only; this is for several reasons.

1 - Unlike a dice, cant be picked up by accident
2 - Is less visually intrusive on the table.
3 - Unlike dice it reduces the chance of extra ones when a couple have already been drawn, or if no ones have been drawn you know its coming!
4 - It acts as a clear marker and cannot be confused with dice being rolled for other activations or melee
5 - Dice are expensive, mdf isn't!

However for melee hits and saves we like a d10, somehow rolling a dice is just more exciting.

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Jan 18 17 3:54 PM

Thanks everyone, that is very helpful.

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Jan 19 17 1:54 AM

Hi Kenntak,

d10 is absolutely fine and won't make any material difference in play. Some people buy a coupe dozen d10 and leave them behind units as a reminder of activation numbers. Whatever works for you! I mostly used cards- or chits at other times.

Best, Simon

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Jan 23 17 2:12 PM

I also use cards, and agree that it is quicker, and less damaging than dice throwing! I also like the fact that you know that ace is coming sooner or later, in my case usually sooner. I am not a card counter, but I like the general feel of the cards (or sands of time or fate) running with you or against you.


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Jan 23 17 2:59 PM

I have always thought that if anyone has the mental capacity to count cards, from a deck of 80, they deserve to win! :-)

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