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Jan 31 17 1:56 AM

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First of all I love this game. I have played so many ancient systems and this one is not only the best but probably the only one I will continue playing as my ancient system. Briliant to say the least!
I have one question of list balances though; I do understand that there is a units minimum and maximum for army list balances but I do wonder how the unists balance against eachother. The reason is that I have a huge collection of Ancient britons and EIR Romans. One could just double the amounts of minimum and maximum in the armylists but if one wants to avoid that can you skip the maximum and still have a balanced game as long as you stick to the normal minimum, and as long as both armies have the same total points ofcourse? So instead of 10 legions you would have 14 for instance while the british might have 17 warriors instead of 10.

Any way this is the best game ever;)
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Jan 31 17 4:21 AM

Hi and thanks for the kind words!

For large games I personally generally double the maxima and minima, but using one list and disregarding the maxima would work, too. The only danger with the latter would be if you had a player who chose to build most of the army from an uncommon category of, say, veteran units such as Praetorian guard. He's out there.... ;-) It would still be reasonably balanced but not especially historical.

Best Simon

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Jan 31 17 5:25 AM

Sorry for my bad english. Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I used to be a historical super nerd and would normally never allow it but the more I played historical games the more I have come to apprecieate the gaming aspect far more than the historical acurrate aspect=). As stated in my other post, this game is so increadebly fun and its id by far the best ancient rule system out there that I have played and trust me I have played most of them. I love that the measurements are out of the game. I used to love freedom of movement but the price it comes with is nt worth it. With freedom of movement the rules become more complex than fun and exeptions to the rules are just to great. Also when I play a game I want to feel the I out witted my opponent and the grid helps you do that and this is my experiance of it; Normally I like to play competetivlly in a casual setting, players that are of that type are rare so I often end up playing against competetive players which I enjoy. The problem here with freedom of movement is that I have not yet had a single game were the losers did not complain about how I moved( Oh you pushed the unit by misstake a couple of milimeters, you would have lost if not for that). I have never had a game where movement did not end up in discussions and during the game it is so fiddly. When I play I want to feel like casparrow haha and concentrate on the tactics, not the rules or fiddly estimations and discussions. I have played hex games a lot and I love them for that reason but the problem is that they do look wierd. Boxes compleatly change that. I know I am just babbeling and sorry for that but I really want to show my appeatiation. As ancient games is my main intrest and players are not always around I also play a lot solo and than this game is all for it. You can make your plans for both side but the card mecanics (I use D10 though) can make those plans go to hell which is bot hacurate and feel so cool. It like watching an epic movie and being ablo to control bits of it and just see how the battle developes disregarding your plans. Still your plans realy really matter. As I said and to finish this off, I have played most of the ancient rules and I am sure you have as well. I can compare them to eachother and rank them for there traits but I cannot compare any of the to this game because this game is on a hole other level. It is far beyond in superiority. Easy rules, alot of tactics, game focused, mass combat and so increadably fun. I cannot wait to play more=). I will make sure this games take over all the DBA,DBM,Hail caesar and FoG at my club because those game s just became compleatly obsolete after this one=).

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Mar 6 17 9:48 AM

I agree. This game is about having fun, but it also forces you to think through your tactics, and really emphasises the importance of the decisions you make. Far too many other rule sets leave you spending a disproportionate amount of time reading/searching through the rule book

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