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Feb 7 17 7:50 AM

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(Heavy chariots were omitted from the original rules; I am proposing to describe them in the supplement).Heavy chariots represent the larger four horse chariots used by the Assyrians and Classical Indians, amongst others. They were stoutly build with large wheels and wide, well protected cabs that could act as fighting platforms for three or even four crewmen. Heavy chariots perform as cavalry, except that they find activations involving rough terrain doubly difficult. They were intended primarily for shock action and start the battle with a single lance chit representing this. Often they will be additionally equipped with extra bow or longbow with three ammunition, shooting as if light infantry.  Heavy chariots save on a 6+ and cost 11 points.
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Feb 10 17 1:45 AM

Hi Carlo!

Yes there should be some less heavy chariots in the army- probably "chariots" rather than "Light chariots", per se. I think there were some at soem stage, not sure why I lost them. I shall look at it.

Best, Simon

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