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Feb 16 17 2:39 AM

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In a few list you can choose armenians allies but there is no armenian list.
Do you think to create an antique armenian list ?
Other question when you take an ally for a game of 160 points do you have a limitation for minimum or maximum number of point to take or limitation for troops ?
I don't understand the rule for allies in a classical game of 160 points.
Thank you
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Feb 17 17 7:39 AM

Hi Justin,

Alas there are quite a few lists that still need to be written (200? gulp). We do need and Armenian list- do you fancy having a crack, based on a Parthian list perhaps?

Regarding points, I need to finish writing and publish the rules for the selection of allies. The supplement would be a great place for that... I'll start a thread when I have time, after the Worlds.

Best, Simon

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Mar 6 17 12:17 AM

I'm glad you mentioned Allies. I was trawling through the rules and could not find the rules for Allies when list building. Is it possible to post a quick guide here?
As an aside the Seljuk and Seljuk Rum lists do not specify if the generals are attached or unattached, by the points I'm assuming the former.

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Mar 6 17 9:59 AM

While Simon ponders, I would recommend that allies should represent a single command of no more than one third of the total points value of the army, and should be controlled by a general of a type specified in the allied lists. Players might want the opportunity to test the reliability of an allied general, which if failed, would mean the command either refuses to take part, or at worst, changes sides! Because of this risk, you have to have a good reason for wanting allies, like being able to choose at will which allied units without having to observe minima/maxima. That's my twopennyworth

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Mar 9 17 6:48 AM

I'm afraid I'm still pondering on this one- haven't forgotten but am flat out on other things. The solution will be broadly along the lines that the Emperor suggests, but I probably won't have allies being unreliable.

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