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Feb 28 17 2:13 PM

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Hi all

A couple of comments arising from situations arising at The Worlds....maybe others might like to add to these to aid Simon going forward to the next edition of his rules....

1.   By virtue of camps counting as rough terrain, light infantry have a +2 save modifier that is not attainable by other infantry  - giving light infantry, javelin a 5+ save and light infantry, bow a 6+ save  compared to say a javelinman unit of 7+ that is defending a camp. Against infantry attackers at least, other save modifiers that might apply do so as equally to the light infantry as to other infantry types.  This means that defending light infantry, javelin will have a better save than legionnaries, and defending light infantry, bow would be equal in that regard.  Perhaps this might be resolved by exluding light infantry from their rough ground bonus if defending a camp?

2.  Can you form orbis whilst in a zone of control?  The rules as written suggest not, but is it inherently unreasonable?  I guess this depends on whether one takes the view that the enemy is so close that this is prohibitive, or whether one perceives repeated charges over more than one turn as a sort of continued melee so there is no opportunity to do so.  It seemed slightly odd that my Vikings had to sustain repeated flank batterings because they were 'caught' within a zone of control  and could not form an 'orbis shieldwall' even with increased difficulty, my only option being to move backwards and then form it out of the zone of control.  Maybe its worth making an orbis a doubly difficult activation if made within a zone of control?  Also, I think, Simon, your intention is that an orbis cannot move, cannot charge but can strike back?  Seems reasonable to me.

Only two real rules queries from three games - not bad, not bad at all..............................
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Mar 4 17 5:48 AM

I can see the argument, but equally you could say that light infantry will be better fighting in and around the obstructions and impedimenta of a camp than any 'formed' infantry. Imagine a phalanx trying to move around tents and cooking fires. 

There is is also a game point. An unguarded camp is a liability, so you probably have to devote some points to defending it. If you have to devote too many, your main battle line is weakened (or you must play with more points). So choosing which troops are suitable to defend a camp is a question of how much you think needs to be spent and how good the defenders will be.

The other oddity is that the save depends on the troops used. My Chinese army didn't have any light infantry with javelins, so I had to use light infantry with bows, having a basic save of 8+ rather than 7+. Since troops guarding a camp have an unlimited supply of javelins, I don't really understand why their original troop type should make any difference. I'm also aware of the tactic of defending a camp with a mob as it takes several hits to destroy them. 

One solution to all this is to define a troop type called 'guards for camps' (I wanted to avoid saying 'camp guards') with defined characteristics and points values available to any army. if you wanted to guard your camp, you'd have to have them. Other troops could move through the camp, but have some save penalty for fighting in such disrupted ground. That way, everyone would be on the same level. 


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Mar 6 17 1:03 PM

Re camps- camps were often defended by lightly equipped types- roman camps often by the legion's slaves, for example. I am comfortable with camps being rough- part of my objective was to stop troops charging from one camp to another. The rough terrain, represents, in part, troops getting distracted and hanging around to loot a camp.

There will be a lot of changes to camps in v2- firstly they will be optional rather than mandatory, then I plan too look at fortifications which are a bit too effective. The unlimited ammo will come out, too.

Best, Simon

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