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Mar 6 17 1:52 AM

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Hi everyone, I'm new to To the Strongest! I've skimmed through the rules a couple of times and should be having my first game next week. I do have a couple of, hopefully, quick questions. What is the good size for an evenings game, 2 to 3 hours of play? Also, we are mostly going to using Republican Roman lists vs the Carthaginians, I've looked at the Polybian Roman army list and I think my maths are correct in that the minimum number of points that I will need is 113. Is that right?

kind regards,
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Mar 6 17 9:43 AM

At the Chalgrove competition last week we played 130 points per side and the games concluded within 2 hours. Given this would be your first time it will take a little longer but the rule concepts are quite straightforward and easy to learn. I suggest splitting your force into 3 commands. Good luck!

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Mar 6 17 9:44 AM

Welcome to TtS! and to this forum, Ed.

130 points is a good start for a 2-3 hour game, particularly when you are new to the rules. Once you have had a few more games, you could probably play with more. it depends a bit on your armies - big armies full of veterans will keep going for a long time.

I think your maths is right, assuming you aren't downgrading your legions to 'raw'. There isn't much flexibility in a Polybian army, unlike the Carthaginians.


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