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Mar 9 17 2:30 AM

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We played this scenario again with the latest playtest rules. Different players this time around.
An exciting game which was (eventually) a Royalist victory. Parliament decisively won the cavalry fight (assisted by some truly appalling activation cards for the Royalists, and lucky saves for Parliament), but the infantry fight went the Royalist way and the battle swung through 90 degrees as the two victorious wings faced off. However, the cavalry had blown horses while the infantry still had plenty of powder, so it went to the Royalists in the end.
Demoralisation urles much improved over the previous version, and we very much liked the 'always hit on an 8' system with bonus cards.
Looking forward to the published version so I don't have to search in the ancient rules for stuff as well as the ECW rules!
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Mar 9 17 3:42 AM

Thanks Steve- that's good! I'm glad you like the 8+ system- it has been somewhat controversial. Your account sounds like a proper ECW battle.

We have a "final" version almost completed- not hugely different from the last one but clarified and slightly simplified.

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