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Mar 12 17 11:20 AM

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Hi chaps, here's a draft of the new "elephant screen", primarily aimed at Successors. I am planning to use it at the Wargames Holiday Centre and later include it in the Supplement.

Best, Simon

Elephant screenIn the armies of the Successors, elephants were often used in a different manner to that described in the ancient rules. They were spread out in a long line, with the intervals of 30 yards or more between them which filled with light infantry archers or javelinmen. Such elephant screens were used to engage the enemy’s elephant screens, typically on the wings, at the outset of a battle. They provided an effective barrier against cavalry; presumably the horses became uneasy, and the lights could cluster around the elephants for protection. The formation would, however, have been easily swept away by a phalanx. For this reason and because elephants were valuable and a source of prestige, they were often withdrawn after the initial missile exchange and before the hard fighting commenced.An elephant screen is formed by attaching a small (one hit) unit of unescorted elephants to a unit of light infantry. When hit in melee or by missiles, the light infantry must save if the to-hit card is even, and the elephant, if the to-hit card is odd.·=7pt         Should the light infantry be lost, then one medal is surrendered and the elephant remains.·=7pt         Should the elephant be lost, then one medal is surrendered. After this the elephant rampages per the TtS! Rules. Note that the light infantry must also save for this rampage.Elephant screen is treated as if light infantry for purposes of interpenetration. Unlike light infantry, however, the unit is not required to evade when charged, and may itself elect to charge formed units. In melee, the light infantry unit hits on an 8+ and the presence of the elephant allows an additional 8+ to-hit card to be played. No bonus cards are played for the elephant.Cavalry charging or charged by elephants count as disordered (even though they may not actually be disordered), hitting on an 8+. Successor generals should be cautious with their elephant screen. Since, two victory medals are surrendered should both units be lost, it might be possible to lose the battle before it gets properly underway! Prudent diadochi will withdraw their screens once the light infantry’s ammunition has been expended, or when threatened by the enemy phalanx.Example: In an Antigonid Successor army, a small unit of Indian elephants (raw, deep, save 7+) costing 2.5 points is attached to a unit of veteran Cretan archers (light infantry other, bow, veteran, save 7+) and cost of 5 points. During a battle they are shot at by enemy elephant screen, and hit on a 9. 
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Mar 12 17 1:42 PM

Oh yes- there are 14 units of them in the big battle. Over 4 games, this should give us an adequate statistical sample. ;-)

I have a slightly more exciting elephant rampage planned, too. :)

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