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Mar 24 17 4:52 AM

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I've just published a bunch of additional rules for use with TtS- enjoy!  

n.b. This document will evolve over the coming months- I plan to add further material.
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Mar 24 17 8:44 AM

Nice Addition!

Thanks Simon, these rules are all great additions to the game.

Group moves is very welcome as a means to try to keep some lines together.

I much prefer the rout test rule over demoralization. It is simple to employ, one does not have to keep track of victory points lost, and it is more realistic.

Combining light troops offers players interesting new tactical options. Many rules sets have difficulty classing "beefier" lights, and I think this rule captures that well.

Great leaders is a must for modeling leaders like Alexander the Great.

Elephant screen and army standards offer interesting choices. The elephant screen rule appears complicated, but you were apparently detailed in your explanation so as to prevent any confusion, and the rule itself is fairly simple.

I have a  couple of comments about lances. I like the light lance rule. Besides the Normans, generally, which armies do you envision using light lances? For example, would the Equites Romani fall under this rule? As for the bonus to-hit card for lances and light lances, I suggest that such rule does not apply when charging pikemen frontally. It seems like the long lances of the pikemen would nullify the effect of the cavalry charge with the lance. Let me know what you think.

Nice work.

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Mar 24 17 9:13 AM


Light lances; probably Romans, I'll make decisions about lists over the coming weeks.

I could put a special rule in about them (and lancers) charging pike... but I'm not sure it's needed. The pike get a +2 on their save when frontally charged by cavalry which makes it a poor bet. I'm happy to give it some thought...

Best, Simon

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Mar 24 17 12:04 PM

I've been combining my Mongol horse archers (light cav) together in into two element units. Now they don't carry light lances but I do think they should be allowed the option to charge in for melee. One thing about Mongols they certainly were aggressive. We do this in our games between them and the Sung Chinese which is another way it differentiates them from the more defensive minded Sung. It's still a risk though, they have lost their share of melees when they've hit formed opponents. Most of the time the player(s) for the Mongols leaves the close in fighting to the heavier cavalry with lances.

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