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Apr 10 17 12:43 PM

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Several rules have been simplified and clarified- notably "Combiined lights" and "elephant screen".  A new rule has been added  -  "supported cavalry" which will allow Caesar to support his Gernam auxiliaries with light infantry.  Enjoy!  All feedback most welcome.
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Apr 11 17 10:38 AM

Combined Lights

[cross-posted on Yuku and TMP]

As I indicated previously, the combined lights rule is a great addition to the rules. Being that combined lights exert a zone of control; those armed with a javelin or lance can charge formed troops and don't have to evade; and those units count as standard units for purposes of sharing boxes (4 light units total), perhaps the light unit save modifiers should be re-examined to see whether they should be adjusted when dealing with combined lights. The save modifiers that apply specifically to light infantry/cavalry are:


Light Infantry in Rough Ground, when charged by any except Light Infantry +2

Foot (except Elephants and Light Infantry) who are not Disordered and are receiving a frontal mounted charge +1

Light Infantry charged by Mounted in Open terrain -1


Light Infantry, Light Cavalry/Camelry/Chariotry, or Artillery +1

I am not suggesting any changes, I am simply putting this up for discussion. Because of the size of a combined lights unit, and the ability of two of them to share the same box, do you think these units should be treated identically to non-combined lights in relation to the save modifiers?

By the way, Even Stronger is dated as 10/4/18 in places. I think Simon is getting ahead of himself. :)

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Apr 12 17 1:41 AM

Hi- the modifiers are a very interesting point which I'd not considered.

Some of these factors I think should apply to combined lights (the first), others less so- (the second and fourth).

I will take this away and think about them- there will be another version of "Even Stronger" in a month or two and I can address them, then.

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