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Apr 18 17 3:33 AM

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This is not an advert/promotion for next year's event at Sycamore Hall. 

It is the start of a possible discussion thread about how to recreate the armies of Antigonus and Euemenes using the TTS! system. 

I'e sketched some notes and here is  what I have so far:

The left wing under Eudamus - 
1 small unit of heavy cavalry (veterans) to represent his squadron
1 deep unit of heavy cavalry to represent Stasander's regiment
2 regular units of medium cavalry to represent the formations of Amphimachus and Cephalon
2 regular units of light cavalry to represent the Thracians and their friends (Paropanisadae [sp?])
3 units of escorted elephants to represent the 45 animals
propaby 2 or 4 more units of light infantry with slings and bows to represent the additional skirmishers

Again, this is just a rough draft

Both armies would have a left, center, and a right. I am thinking about wing commanders in addition to the overall army general. I don't think I would use/place camps. 

I am wondering about how many decks of cards/chits to use though. I wonder if 1 per side would be sufficient? 

The goal is to fit this battle  on a 6 by 4-table. As of this morning, I am looking at grid squares with sides measuring 3 inches (approximately 7.6 centimeters).


Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks very much!


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Apr 18 17 1:25 PM

Hello Kenntak,

Looking over my version of the rules (1.1), no, there is not. I seem to recall the odd deep unit of horse in the army lists, but would not swear on that. 

It would be for scenario play.

I was thinking in terms of numbers. Eudamus' squadron with about 150 but good quality; the Arachosians around 600, so a regular unit, and then there is Stasander with 950 (according to Diodorus), so that's why I'm thinking a unit of 3 medals. 



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Apr 20 17 2:01 AM


Though it was evident in the previous post. Not really looking or using a 1:200 scale or some such. I am simply going by reported size of the units listed by Didorus. 

That said, I guess I would need something for the Silver Shields, hypaspists, and others. Perhaps 1 unit equals 800 or 900 foot? Don't know . . . at this stage, I am just sketching plans and ideas. 

Wondering if I would need 3 decks of cards to command the 3 wings in each army . . .


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Apr 21 17 1:01 AM

The battle selected for next year's Battle Day Event (date forthcoming - probably late March or early April) is Paraetacene, 317 BC.

Your observation re two units for a large regiment is well taken. I suppose that could be applied to the Carmanian cavalry and Companions, too. 

Again, I am just working on an idea, sketching some very rough drafts of an order of battle. 



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Apr 24 17 5:48 AM

Hi chaps, sorry I missed this until now.

Deep units of cavalry- they aren't in the rules BUT I have used them in games- at Magnesia (Crisis) we had deep cataphracts. They would be useful when one side had massed cavalry, perhaps Guagamela. I'm not sure that I'll use any for Paraetacene, though (but it's early days).

I shall be putting a force together for Paraetacene; I have an OOB to share if anyone wants a copy. It is safe to say it won't fit on a 6x4. :-) I am likely to go 1:50. One modest innovation I plan to use is small units of lancers to represent the grooms/retainer types. It is frustrating that there weren't more phalangites present, I will need to leave lots at home! If anyone would like to play you would be most welcome.

I'm about to order a load more tower-less elephants.

Incidentally, I could order a 6x4 7.5cm grid mat, if useful.

Best, Simon

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