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Apr 24 17 6:34 AM

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Hi Simon. When the late Roman army lists were updated, you added in a lot more bow options. Have you thought about darts as well/instead of (for the infantry)? I imagine bow has much greater range, so I don't imagine you are treating them as the same

also, the Cataphracts and Clibanarii have disappeared. Was that deliberate of accidental?

Raphia looks great on Saturday. Everbody was clearly enjoying themselves!


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Apr 24 17 8:15 AM

Hi Barry, funnily enough I was talking about these with Mark Phillips, today. Yes they will need to be taken into account. I suggested that Mark post here so he may be along later. He sent me some pieces to read....

Cats and clibs; still definitely on the list- it may be you've done something to your version of the spreadsheet?

Raphia was a blast! I'm trying to think how to top it, next year, with something different. :-)

Best, Simon

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Apr 24 17 10:26 AM

Cats missing from Later East a Roman and decline Roman (patrician). I thought they were originally in there

in WRG darts and javelins were the same, short range missile. 

Maybe a late roman game next year? 

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Apr 24 17 11:37 AM

Hi Baz,

Yes... I think I took the view that the Decline Romans were less likely to field cats than the earlier list. Re the Eastern Roman list- certainly I can't recall any evidence for them in that period- certainly not in Belisarius' battles for instance. Earlier they had them, and later, but not at this time AFAIK.

Darts - probably short range I agree- although they had a longer range than javelins. I saw a video of a reenactor and they were scarily effective, thrown in a lob. I wouldn't want to encounter one!

Late Romans- I seem to be selling half of my army but hopefully will have recruited a new bigger one by next year. It'll all be on 20cm frontage, though, on my sexy wobbly-edged bases. A game would be fun! Would love to play at Chalgrove but bases may preclude.

Best, Simon

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