May 14 17 8:47 AM

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Like many here, although I thoroughly enjoy TTS, I also use my 28mm figures to play other systems and also I just cannot face the idea of rebasing.

So like most I use sabots/movement trays which means with 150mm  size boxes I use 6 cavalry in a single rank or 21 infantry (3 ranks of 7) or for deep units 5 ranks of 7. Such as IMG_0730_zpsuf5rpcaw.jpg

However this didn't look right for skirmishing cavalry so a friend made these mdf sabots for me, which are OK.


Then I went to the WHC TTS weekend in Basingstoke and saw Simons new large skirmishing cavalry bases for his Numidians to use the double size LC bases. They looked fantastic. So I had to create a sabot for this and my friend knocked these out, the only thing I did was put an arrow on the base or its difficult to pick out a direction when all the cavalry are galloping around in Cantabrian.


As an aside, sorry about the image size, but I was importing direct from photobucket and didn't know how to downsize them!