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May 15 17 2:38 AM

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Some questions before I attack the pile of Victrix bags
- Soliferrum : rulebook says (1.1 page 57) "some javelinmen units (where specified in a list) replace all of their javelins with a single shock weapon" whereas the list says "Scutarii replace a single javelin with a shock missile" which implies that they keep 1 (or 2 if veteran) javelin ???
- cost of Scutarii : Iberian veterans cost 10 while Lusitanian veterans cost 9 ???
- Celtiberians in a non Celtiberian army : you can take 2 units, but can they be veteran ???

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May 15 17 6:25 AM

Hi Alex,

Very interesting- when I wrote the Spanish list I intended that one javelin be replaced, but subsequently forgot this. So Spanish can have a shock AND one or two javelins. I will clarify this, soon.
Iberian cost is one too high, I'll correct.
One Celtiberian could be veteran. :-)

Thanks- much appreciated!


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