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May 16 17 6:22 PM

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Can they use the shoot & scoot maneuver?  I don't think so because they are not what I would consider "light" units. 
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May 17 17 1:18 AM

Hi- that's correct, only lights.

I have thought about introducing a special manoeuvre to permit them to evade behind a supporting unit of bills in the same box, if charged. I'd be interested to hear views on this from people who know the period...

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May 17 17 8:38 PM

Though I am not an expert, I would say at some point during the battle, there must have been a "line exchange" of some sort. If I remember correctly, e.g. in Impetus you can swap them.

But I guess such maneuver was used not only by the Englisch during the WotR, so it might get out of hand little.


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